Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation runs...

Sunday I only ran for about a mile and a half. We ended up going to Ocean State Park beach in New London, CT. It was perfect for a beach day. Temps were in the 80's, bit breezy at the coast and not a cloud in sight! I actually forgot my sneakers at home, so I just ran the shore line from one end of the beach to the other. It wasn't a big run, but it's better than no run I guess....

Monday we did not bother going back to the ocean as we had planned. We all had a pretty good sun burn from Sunday that we decided to stay away from the sun for a day or so.. I woke up around 6am and went for a good 6+ mile run.

Today, I had planned a long run, but I woke up around 7 this morning and it was already hot and muggy. I decided against it and just went for a fast paced 5 mile run. I dont usually time myself when I do my daily runs. I only concern myself with times during a race. Today I'm guessing I had good under 8min per mile pace. Not my fastest, but when running alone without having another person motivate you, it's pretty dam good in my book.
In races I have pushed the 7min\mile pace. That for me is outstanding!! But that's because I have competition. When running alone I will tend to go slower. Its all mind games at that point. Maybe I should start timing myself. I need to start setting some PRs. That should keep me motivated.

Might just rest tomorrow from running. I think we are heading to Canobie Lake Park in NH. It should be a long day of walking so that in itself should be good enough exercise for the day. But, then again... I might wake up with itchy feet and go out for a morning run :)

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