Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm ready....

I ran 12.8 miles (according to this morning. It was good run. Felt good all the way through. I hit a wall at about the 10 mile mark but I shuffled my way through it and finished strong.
I wanted to be out of the house by 6-6:30 this morning, but I never set my alarm clock. I woke up at 7 and really not feeling like running at all. I think what motivated me was knowing that the half marathon is next Sunday. No time to slack off!! Brushed my teeth, got dressed, munched on an energy bar and out the door I went.

I'm ready for Providence. I think I will do good. It's gonna be a fun run!

Ankle update:
I decided to run with that ankle brace today because it felt funny this morning. Bad idea!! At the one mile mark I had to stop and take it off. It was way to tight for running! It was driving me nuts!
My ankle felt fine the rest of the day though,... so I dont know whats up with it.......


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Just finally found your link - thanks for following my blog. Even though I have a Garmin, I still use mapmyrun all the time. It sounds like you're ready for your half, I'm sure it will be awesome! I think our feet swell as much as a size & a half during a run, I presume your ankles would do the same with all of the blood pooling in the lower limbs. I've heard of knee braces "getting tighter" during a run - maybe that's what happened with your ankle brace. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Good luck this weekend. I am sure you will do well.

Jose said...

Thanks for the comments and for following! It was getting kinda lonely out here it my part of the web.
Looking forward to continue reading your blogs.