Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Official - I Have Signed up for a Fall Marathon

After much thought,.. After much soul searching, I have finally decided that I'm doing a fall marathon and I have chosen which one I'm doing. If you follow me on my personal Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, you already know. I plan on running the Kansas City Marathon.

I will be running the full while my wife will run the half.

Why Kansas City? I wanted to do something different. I wanted a destination marathon. Plus, we've been meaning to visit some friends out in Kansas (about 25 miles away from the race), but never have been able to put something together. I figured this way we can finally get our butts out there and at the same time, we can spend some time with them. This marathon being on Saturday makes it perfect! We can go out there a few days before, Spend time with our friends, race Saturday, and then have the rest of the weekend to hang out with them.

I'm hoping for a great memorable weekend! 

I have yet to lay out my training plan, but I have been following friends plans that are running fall marathons. So I'm on the right track. As I type this, KS Marathon is 75 days away. I say bring it!!

KS or bust!! Follow me as I train for this marathon! Woot, woot!!! And yes... Marathon beard is already in progress!


Have a great week!!