Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Run that Never Happened

Today I planned a lunchtime run at work. Like I usually do. I usually pack a gym bag with a week (and some) worth of running clothes, but being that I was only going to be in the office today, I only threw what I needed in a plastic bag and was on my way .
Lunch time came and I grabbed my bag and headed for the shower room to change up. I got undressed and proceeded to take the clothes out of the bag. Wait a minute!!! 
Where are my pants? I took everything out of the bag. I dumped it on  the counter top next to the sink. Nothing.... I double checked the empty bag... nope, still empty. WTH... What am I going to do now? I stood there and stared at myself in the mirror for a sec. I was trying to convince myself that my underwear kinda looked liked shorts. I even did a mock run in front of the mirror to see how I looked. NOPE.... unless I want to get charge for indecent exposure.... it's not happening. So I got dressed, grabbed my iPod and went for and 45min walk instead.

PLAN B- I figured maybe I can run after work. It will be dark, but if I just run Main St, where there is sufficient light, I should be able to pull at least 4 miles out. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. But at about 4:30, I realized it was Tuesday. My daughter has Softball clinic from 5:30 to 7:30 on Tuesdays!! Ugh.... they frown upon parents dropping off their kids and taking off. Which is understandable, they are not babysitters.

PLAN C- Run after the clinic?.....By the time I got out of there it was actually closer to 8. I was starving and I was annoyed by this point.

How late is too late to run?? I Tweeted this question today and I got this response from The Unexpected Runner: (follow her if you don't)

Yeah, I guess.... but gave it up the idea of running today. I went home, had dinner and was done. It wasn't in the cards today.
I have to pack my bags and get ready for my trip to NYC tomorrow. Weather calls for rain Wed & Thurs. So I guess running through Times Square might be out of the question and I might have to settle for the dreadmill. Whatever the case, I HAVE to get at least 2 good runs while I'm out there.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wacky Weather

I planned a 5 mile run today. The winds were howling like crazy and by the time I was ready to head out, it was blizzard like conditions out there. The snow was coming down sideways!

I got all excited!! I love running in the snow! I put on my shades, turned up the music and was on my way! Unfortunately, about half a mile in to my run, the snow stopped falling and the sun was shining like if nothing ever happened :( . Though the wind was still strong and almost pushing me when it was behind me and holding me when I was running against it. It was reported that we had 40 mile per winds today!!
It was honestly that windy!!!

I went ice skating yesterday (this was my cross training) with the girls and today my calves were aching and I was really feeling it in my run. At about the 2 1/2 mile mark I decided to take a shorter route back home and ended up doing shy under 4 miles. By the time I got back home the sun was still shining but the snow started to come down again in blizzard like conditions. And again lasting for about 5 mins. It did this just about all day.

I decided not to go to Hyannis with my co-worker tomorrow. It would have been fun, but it's a two hour ride and it's gonna be cold out. Not I that I mind the cold, it just would have made for a really long day. My plan is to wake up early and do my 11 mile run then relax and enjoy my last day of vacation. It's suppose to be in the 20's in the morning. Colder than today, but with less winds.

This week I have to plans out my runs carefully. I will most likely run Tuesday at the office, but then I'm traveling to NYC Wed- Friday for work. I will bring my running gear with me, but I'm still not sure if I want to do the dreadmill at the hotel. I would much rather run outside. But I have never run through the streets of NYC.  Not sure how safe it will be. But at the same time how many people can say that they ran through times square!! This is something I have to try!

Have a great rest of your weekend and a great week everyone!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good week

This week's training has been a real good so far. The fact that I'm on vacation really makes easy to go on runs. I can run at whatever time I want and for how ever long I want. Plus the weather has been perfect. Yesterday was in the mid 50's and today promises to be the same. Perfect running weather!!
Even though the running has been great this week, the best part of this week is has been spending time with my two favorite girls in the world: 

Man... I can really live like this! I can do the whole stay at home dad thing...Unfortunately, the bills don't pay themselves and I kinda like having a roof over my head. :)

While at the mall yesterday with the girls, we walked past a sporting goods store called Finish Line. Their display of running sneakers at their entrance was like looking at the doorway to heaven. < Insert heavenly choir > ..... It pulled me right it!! Never in my life, would I ever think, that I would feel this way about running sneakers. I was in awe at all the new model Nike, Reebok, Asics and Brooks. One pair in particular caught my eye:

Let me drool for a bit......

I loved the way they looked and felt. I only felt them with my hands though, because if I had tried them on, I would have walked out with them. Support wise they are comparable the New Balance 940 that I currently run in. But the $140 price tag really holds me back. *sigh* ......
*cough* Birthday around the corner *cough* 10 1/2 *cough* anyone? *cough*
whew... where did that come from..... 

This weekend's long run calls for 11 Miles. I just got a email from a co-worker inviting me to go Hyannis to go cheer on his sons run the Hyannis Half. He will also be putting on some mile himself while there. I might just join him and do the same. It would be a good way to end my vacation.

Going for my run now!....... Have a good one all!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So I mentioned before that I haven't done a race since Thanksgiving. As I was reading through the blogs that  follow, I saw that Michelle over at Running with Attitude was running a 10 miler in Foxboro. As I was checking out their site, I saw that the deadline for registration was that same night. So at a whim, I signed up! My training called for a 9 mile run this weekend, so a 10 mile race wasn't really out of the question.

Race started at 11am. I arrived at 9am to pick up my race packet. It was a good thing I did because within the hour the place was mobbed! The line to pick up your packet was just about out the door of the building!
There was literally no one when I walked in there to pick up my stuff.

We all walked to the starting line of the race and while waiting there, I expected a speech or maybe instructions through a megaphone or something, but no. While I was looking around to see if I saw Michelle and her husband, I hear a gun shot. I looked forward and saw smoke and the runners in the starting line take off! I started my Garmin and I was off too!
My plan as to pace myself all the way. Start off slow and hopefully pick up my pace the last couple miles. The first mile was basically weaving my way through the crowd. The second mile was getting my self situated. The scenery of this Foxboro race was awesome! I have run races in Foxboro before but never through these streets. It was mostly back roads and some lake side views. It was very scenic race.
The race was going as planned. I was pacing myself all the way through. I was controlling my breathing and only passing people on hills. I do good on the hills, so as long I pace myself everywhere else through out the race, I would be good.
In my training, I always like to pick up my pace last mile or two of my run. I planned to do the same in this race. At about mile 8.5, I picked up the pace and went to town! I passed more people during this time than I did the whole race!!

I'm really impressed with myself with this run.  I started off slow,and paced myself all the way through. As you can see, the last 2 miles (9 & 10), I really picked up the pace and kicked ass! I felt really good. I think maybe at the very end I ran out of steam. But it was good enough to push me towards the finish line. 
My Garmin read 1:18:47, but officially it was 1:19:06

Good enough, I'll take it.

At the end of the race I went for a cool down run in the direction of the runners headed for for the finish line. I ran into some guy that was flagging me down. I stopped and took off my headphones. He started to tell me that he sees me almost every day running through Southborough. I work and run during my lunchtime in Southborough during the week. I was surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be. I've been running these streets for the past three years. It feels kinda cool that someone recognizes me.
Shortly after that, I saw Michelle heading towards me. I looped around and started to run beside her. I introduced myself and it was funny cause she knew who I was. I ran with her almost to the finish line where her husband was waiting for her. It was a quick meet and greet. I was honestly kinda nervous. I have never met anyone from the blog world before. So it was like kinda meeting a celebrity.  I didn't want to be that weirdo fan.... LOL 

...... Michelle, you and your husband seemed like real down to earth people. Glad to have briefly met you guys. Hope to see you guys out in future races!

As I was heading towards my car, someone mentioned that there was free food for the runners inside the same building that the the race packets were in. Free food?

Dont have to tell me twice!! Pictured is a chicken salad sandwich, chicken noodle soup a banana and some orange slices. They also had pasta with meat sause, but I just settled for what was pictured. 

Today was a good day. I'm glad I decided to run this race. Next weekend training calls for a 11 mile run. I will most like do a run I've done plenty of times. This week I'm on vacation, so my runs will be done here in Webster. 3-6-3... shouldn't be a problem at all.

Hope you guys have some great runs this week!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday's ramblings

This is officially week #3 of my marathon training. As most of you know I had to take week #2 off because of my back problems. It feels good to be right back into it. Luckily for me the first couple of weeks of training is not much different than my normal runs. So it makes it easy to jump right back in. My back is still achy, but no real pain. I make sure to keep up with my PT stretches.

Ran a easy 4 miles on Monday and rested on Tuesday. Today I ran a good, very hilly 8 miles through the streets of Hopkinton, MA. during my lunch hour. Tomorrow I plan another 4ish and take Friday off. I'm a little weary about cross training after my rope jumping incident. I might just do some swimming at local gym. That should be safer for me :)

I just realized that I haven't done any races since Thanksgiving. I've been slacking!!! My next schedule race is the New Bedford Half in March. This will be at about my halfway point in my training. I have to start looking for a couple more to throw in the mix. I was invited to be part of a Ragnar race in May, which would have been awesome..... but it lands on my weekend that my training calls for a 20 miler. I'll have to get creative if I do plan on running it.

I want to say "hi" to my family & friends now following me via Facebook. Funny how I can let the whole world read my blog and not think twice about it. But when it came to inviting you guys to read it, I was a bit nervous.... NO, a lot nervous about it. Thanks for the positive response. I really appreciate it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tomorrow finally came

On Saturday we were expecting 4" of snow. I told myself "Good. This will force me to take another day off ". I figured I would give myself another day to rest my back. But I was up early and the snow was barely falling. My back still ached a little bit, but it was no where near what it was like a few days earlier. I took my dogs out to do their business and as I breathed in the cold crisp air, I changed my mind and decided to do it. I went back in, changed up and I was out within 15mins.
I figured I would feel it out. I would go at it slow and if I felt anything funny, I would stop and walk or if really bad call home for a ride. A mile into it and I was feeling good. I stopped only to see how my back was feeling. Tight, but no pain. I ended up doing a good 3 miles and felt real good at the end. No pain or aches. It was a slower than normal run though. But it was a run and that was all that matters.... It never snowed by the way..... all we got was a dusting.


Today, I woke up and I knew that I was running again. My marathon plan called for a 9 mile run today, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Next weekend's "long run" called for a 6 miler, so I figured I would try to do that today and just do the 9 next weekend. I didn't take my Garmin with me today. I just wanted to run and enjoy it today.

Today's weather at 10am this morning: 
The wind made it feel like -2 degrees! Aint going to lie.... it was F'N cold out there!!!!

I pulled out 5 miles. I mile shorter than what I wanted, but I'm not disappointed. I ran and I'm happy with that. My back felt tight at first, but loosened up quick. By mile 2, I was feeling really good, but still kept it a slower pace than normal. The last thing I want is to hurt my back again.
I'm jumping right back into my marathon training. This week calls for a 3-5-3 milers. I'm sure that mile I lost today, I will throw back in one of these these runs. Feels good to be back to running. I know it was only like 8 days of no running, but you know how it is, 8 days in a runners life is like 8 years. LOL... 

Today I invite my family & friends to follow my blog via my Facebook page. They all know that I have a passion for running. Some don't know how far that passion burns. Most just think that I'm crazy. 

Welcome to my world!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Randomness ...

One week. One full week of no running. This is the first time since I started running that I have gone this long without running. It actually has not been bad mentally. The constant pain in my lower back reminds me that I can't and shouldn't run. But it's been a week. I'm starting to itch. Every day I tell myself "maybe tomorrow".... but every tomorrow, the pain is still there.

Like I said, I've thrown my back out before. But I swear, it has never been this bad. Well, since I've been running anyways. Ugh... I'm patiently waiting it out. With stretching and some heating pads, it will eventually subside. Always does....

- - - - - - -
This might sound dumb, I keep forgetting to take showers. I usually take showers after my runs which is almost every day. But of course since I haven't been running, I haven't been sweaty or stinky. So I haven't felt the need to take a shower. Luckily, for everyone else in the office its winter and I have a sit down kind of job where the only time I break a sweat is if the elevator is down and I  have to run up and down the stairs.

For the record, I did sneak in a shower or two this week ;)

-  - - - - - -
Whats the deal with Google Friend Connect? Is it really going away? WTF Google!!! Where does that leave us?  I really dont want to deal with Google+ . And I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. I dont have nearly as many followers as most of you, but I cherish and appreciate every single one. I started this blog just as an outlet to talk about the one thing I enjoy doing. Having you follow and read my ramblings is a blessing.

Google you are dumb.
As some of you know, I have a Twitter account. Thank you for those of you that follow me. I'm not a big "Twitterer". A lot of times I forget about it and wont post for days. I mostly post links back to my blog or reply to other Tweets.
I've recently started a Facebook Page for my Blog. I have my blog posted on my personal Facebook, but none of my family or friends that I know of actually follow or read it. So I figured this would be a good way for me to promote it. I just started it so there's not much really up there yet, but I have some ideas for it.

Since Google Friend Connect is going away and since most people already have a Twitter and\or Facebook account, I figured that would be the way to go to keep and gain new followers. Follow if you wish. I currently follow some of you this way, but if I dont, please post your links, and I'll make sure to follow you.

- - - - -

"Maybe Tomorrow".......... Have a good weekend everybody!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rope Jumping is a dangerous sport...

I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this, but rope jumping is a dangerous sport...
Saturday was cross training day for me. I planned a good workout in the garage. After some stretching I figured I would get the heart rate going with some jump ropes. I did a 30 sec set and felt great. I figured I would do another set. But 15secs through it, I must have landed wrong or something because I felt a sharp breathtaking pain in my lower that stopped me immediately!
I knew exactly what it was, It's happened to me before. I threw out my back. Even with the pain, I tried to convince myself that it was nothing and I could continue working out. No dice. I was done. I spent the rest of the day Saturday and most of Sunday on the couch with a heating pad on my back. No 8 mile run on Sunday like was planned, no running today and probably no running tomorrow.
I've thrown out my back before and I've never had a good story to explain how it happened. It was never because of weight lifting 500 pounds or carrying furniture during a move. I've thrown out my back with a sneeze, a cough and even picking up a pencil. Now I can add this to the list of uncool ways to throw out your back. :)

Time to pull out my sheet of back exercises I got from PT a few years back. Hopefully I'm back running by the end of the week. I'm going to have to take this day by day. I'm glad this happened now, right in the beginning of marathon training. I can nurse this now and get it out of the way.

Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 1

Week 1 of Marathon training. Honestly no real different than my normal running. The schedule call for:

But it looks more like this:

I planned to run on Tuesday, but I had to travel that day so I ran Monday instead. I have a hard time running at "Marathon Pace". Not that I'm super fast, it's just that I have a hard time running a bit slower. I'm not sure what MY marathon pace is. So on Wednesday I ask my coworker Ernie, who is also a runner, to go for a run with me during lunch. He runs normally runs at a 9-10mile pace, so I figured that would be good for me. We did a 7.5 run which at times I felt like we were going really slow. I'm not complaining. I need to find a happy medium so this is a start for me.
Today I did a good 5 miles, rest tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm doing the 8 miler on Saturday or on Sunday yet. Haven't figured out what to do for cross training yet. I have a bike, but it's too damn cold to ride outside. A friend of mine has a heavy bag which I'm trying to get off him cheap. I think I'll enjoy going a couple of rounds with it in the garage. I also have a jump rope I can use, but even though I want to think I'll look something like this using it:

I know I will look and feel more like this:

Hopefully be the end of marathon training I will master it.

I just found out that there will be a lot more traveling for work in the next couple of weeks\months. I will be in Danbury, CT (2 hrs away), and to NYC (3.5 hrs away), for days at a time. And a week trip to El Paso, TX sometime next month. I'm gonna have to get creative when it comes to my runs during these trips.


Have a good weekend everyone - Let's go Pats!!