Friday, July 22, 2011

I run alone....

When I decided to quit smoking, I knew that I was on my own. I quit for me and for no one else. I was just tired of it..... I was ready to quit.
When I started running, I knew that I was on my own as well. I didn't know anyone that ran. So I just ran alone. As I mentioned before, as long as I have my iPod, I'm good. I do at times run with a coworker during my lunch runs. I like running alone only because I run to where I want and for as long as I want. Plus, running for me is like my "ME" time. I deal with people all day long at work. It's good to just be out there by myself for a while.
Could be also that I just haven't found the right person to run with. Not that I have been looking. I just haven't bumped in to that person. When running with someone, I need someone that runs at my pace or faster. I dont mind picking up the pace if I need to, in fact it's probably better training for me. I just dont want to slow down or wait for someone that runs at a slower pace. Plus, if running with someone, I want to talk. Otherwise, I would rather run alone. I am a big talker when running. I know some people that do not like talking while running. It throws off their breathing. Understandable if in a race or doing a fast pace run. But in a everyday workout run, I don't have a problem with my breathing. Talking also helps pass the time. Especially when doing long runs.

For now, I'm content running alone.

Today I did not run. It was another 100 degree day and I woke up a bit later than I wanted. No way I was running in this humidity. Tomorrow will be hot as well. But as long as I get up early, I'll be hitting the roads. Debating if I should do CMS Worcester State 5K tomorrow. It's only $4 to enter. I guess it depends how I feel tomorrow.....

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