Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Off Ramblings....

Took a day off from running today. I ran 3 days in a row, a total of about 18 miles. I usually don't like to push it to 4 days. I like to give at least a days rest. Sometimes even 2. It all depends on how many miles I have done so far that week or how I feel. Plus I ran 10 miles on Sunday. That brings my total miles to about 28. I'm planning a long run tomorrow. 10+ hopefully. Saturdays are usually my long run days. Last week my long run was on Sunday for some reason. I'm struggling to remember why that was. My mind fails me at the moment. Old age I guess :) ......

Old age? I don't know about that. At 37 I feel better than I did in my 20's. I'm healthier at least. 37 still sounds like a weird number to me. Like I'm suppose to feel different or something.

Anyways... I'm looking into some upcoming races. Some half marathons actually. The B.A.A Half Marathon sold out in 4 hrs and I'm kinda pissed that I didn't jump on that one! So I'm looking at the Providence Rock & Roll Half Marathon and at the Springfield Half Marathon. I have only run one half marathon so far. It was the Worcester Half Marathon this past June and I think I did pretty good. 1:44:14 was time. But these two are in August, I'm not sure if I'll be pushing it by doing two half marathons in the same month. I have 'til the end of the month to think about it.

I'm on vacation this week. Not going anywhere far. Just day trips with the family. But will be planning out some good runs since I'll have the time!

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