Sunday, September 30, 2012

I don't like Fall

Yep, I said it. I DON"T like Fall. I've never liked Fall and now that I run, I like it even less.

I hate that in between weather. Where it's too cold for shorts & t-shirt, but if you wear long pants and long sleeves, you just want to rip them off half way through your run. But if you wear shorts, especially at races, you're cold prior to the start then you are freezing afterwards when you're drenched in sweat and you are starting to cool off.

Blah.... It was a cold and drizzly out this weekend and it hit me that summer is really over. I love summer. Give me hot and humid days everyday. I can't get enough of them. Call me crazy, but I enjoy running in the heat. Sneakers & shorts that's all I need.

But time to face reality.


I ran a 5k this morning. I got there an hour prior to race start and I couldn't shake off the chills. I had to do a couple "warm up" runs just to shake it off. It was a good turn out. Definitely a lot more people this year than there was last year. Came in 6th place over all with a time of 21:27. I didn't hang out after the race. I said my hellos to a couple of familiar faces, but then I was out. I just wanted to go home and throw on some sweats pants on and watch some football.

Football..... now that's about the only thing I like about fall. :)

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Training week 14 of 18

I haven't really talked much about my training for this marathon like I did for my first marathon. I guess for one, I don't really want to bore anyone with it and second, I've been concentrating more on training than on writing about it. I will say this though, training this time around feels so much easier than the first time. On my first time around, I have never really ran more than 15 miles until my training. So long run weeks of 16miles+ were all new to me. This time I know what to expect out of them. Physically and mentally.

I have also been pushing my training a bit past what's on paper. If my long run calls for 15, I did 16. If 5, I did 7. Last week's 19 mile long run turned in 20. Wednesday's 8 mile before work turned in 10. I plan to do the same for this weekend's long run, which calls for 12 miles. I might just take off in the direction of my 14 mile route.

I just want to be mentally ready for this one. When I hit mile 22-23 in my first marathon, that was uncharted area for me. My mind played games with me during those last few miles and ended up doing me in. So again.... I just want to be ready.

That's enough about my training.

Sunday I plan on running a local 5k in the town of Sturbridge, Ma. I did this one last year but I did the 10k. It's a small low key race that all proceeds go to the RRI Autism Resource Center to purchase supportive and adaptive equipment for those in need. A great cause! Plus I get to buy sweets at the Public House Bakery!!!

Oohh, I can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Faster or slower with age?

I was reading Jeff's post over at Detroit Runner and he hit on a topic which crosses my mind from time to time.

I started running at the age of 34. I never ran in my life before this. I did my first 5k race the day after I ran 3 miles without stopping for the first time. This was probably 3 yrs ago. I came in shy under 28mins. The fastest I have ever run at that point in my life.

As time past, I noticed that my 5k times where slowly but surely getting faster. It was the same with my 10k and my halfs. My first half, I came in at 1:44 and my latest one was at 1:36. I know a lot of it due to dedication and training. But I am 38 now, creeping on 39. Will I get faster? When will I hit that plateau?  When will I start to see a decline in speed? I feel right now that I am at my peak. I really can't imagine myself getting much faster than where I am now. Then again, I couldn't imagine myself running a 5k in 20:33 three years ago.

Do some runners get faster as the age? I guess time will tell. Any thoughts on this?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surftown Half Marathon Recap

My day started at 4am with a quick cup of coffee. I gathered all my stuff and I was out the door by 4:30 on my hour and a half drive to Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, RI. Race didn't start until 7:30, but I still needed to pick up my race packet.  

It was cold out this morning!! It had to be in the upper 40s, low 50s and windy. Luckily, I had a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie in my car. Not that I was prepared. I just happen to have them in my car from the week before and never brought them back in to the house. Good thing!!. 

After the sun came out and a couple of warm up runs on the beach, I was warm enough to just have my short sleeve on.

The race actually started about 7:45 as they waited for the few people still in line at the porta-jons. While waiting for the start, I realized that I forgot my Garmin at home,,... DOH! that sucked. Then I realized that I left my Clean Bottle and in my car! DOH - again! Luckily there were enough water stations along the course. The course was a very scenic course. You ran parallel with the ocean for a couple of miles throughout the race. The rest of the time you are running through the streets of this beautiful ocean side town. 

Miles 3-7, I paced a guy from the RI Road Runners club. Me and him kept going back and forth passing each other throughout these miles. Eventually he stops at a water stop to grab a drink. I was wishing he didn't. Running with him made those miles fly by. Mile 8 I slowed down a bit, but by mile 9 I got a second wind and I started catch up and pass the few people in front of me. Mile 11 I caught up with a guy with Mendon track T-shirt. I ended up passing him by mile 12, but I can see from the corner of my eye, that he was right behind me. He caught up and was running right beside me. As we made the last turn we could see the finish line about 1/4 of a mile ahead of us. He started to slow down, but I waived him on to keep up. And he did!! He flew by me. The finish line was just a couple of yards ahead. Then I saw him waive me on to catch up. I gave it my all and just barely crossed the finish line ahead of him. What an awesome feeling that was!!! As we grabbed our waters at the finish line I went over and thanked him. He was like "Thank you, that was awesome!!"

Bill from Impossible is Nothing was also running the race so I watched for him to cross the finish line.
There he is, in the back, coming in strong! Killing it!!!!

Blog worlds collide!! 

We had asked a lady that was standing nearby to take our picture. Then she wanted to jump in as well.
.....Sure why not!!

Bill is a cool, down to earth guy. We talked about running and training as we walked get some snacks and check out the race results. It's always good to talk with someone that shares the same passion. I am glad we had the opportunity to meet. Living in the same state, I'm sure we'll run into each other again.

I didn't notice my time when I crossed the finish line. I was too busy trying to pass the guy in the Mendon track t-shirt. I was guessing 1:35 or so. They had computers set up that you just entered your bib# and it gave you your place and time:

1:36:25 - 6th in my age group - a new Half PR!!!!!!! Woot!

Awesome bling!!!

This was a good race for me. Not because I PR'd. It was good because I felt good all the way through. I didn't really struggle at any point during the race. I felt strong from start to finish. This was my 4th half and this is the first time I could say that. So this was a good change for once. I'll take it!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keep Running

I have a coworker that recently quit smoking and decided to start running and living healthy. Every time he sees me, he's always has something to ask me. Today I ran into him in the hallway and he asked me "When does it become fun?" I was confused at what he was asking me.... "Running" he says. "When does it become fun? Because I have been running for a couple months now and I hate it!! My legs hurt, my feet hurt, I can't run far and I feel like I want to die half the time!"....  

I just had to laugh because it reminded me of myself when I started running a couple of years ago. We hung out for a while and talked about "running" for a good 30mins or so. He asked a lot of questions and asked for advise on a few things just as I did back then. Felt weird being on this side.

Before we parted ways, he confesses to me that he doesn't really hate running. All the pain aside, he says, he really enjoys it. So I gave him the same and best advice others gave to me, and I offer it to anyone else out there............. Keep Running!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canal Diggers 5k

What an awesome time this race was! Between walkers and runners, there were over 1400 participants. This has got to be the largest 5k I have ever ran. My goal was to beat my last years time (21:04), also my 5k PR. My mind was set to hit it hard right from the get go. I even lined up with the 6min-mile pacers. It was less crowded there anyways. I figured I could at least get a good lead. 

Race started at 11am. It was about 80 degrees, sunny and humid. It was a hot one! They had time clocks at every mile which was cool. At mile 1, I was feeling good. Mile 2, I was starting to feel it. At 2.5, I was spent. But at that point I had secured my spot. I just needed to hold on and finish. I crossed the finish line at 20:33 - 31 seconds faster than last year!! And a new PR!!

Woot, Woot!!

I was excited and thrilled with the time! I quickly headed for the water bottles they were passing out before I passed out! For the first time in my short running career, I actually felt nauseous after the race. I really pushed myself hard on this one. I got nervous after taking my first gulp of water. I thought it was going to come right up. I walked away from the crowds just in case, but after a few deep breaths, I was good.

After the race they have a huge cookout and all the free beer you can drink for all the runners.
Don't mind if I do....

Huge turn out for this race!!
That girl just gave me the evil eye.... LOL

Oh yeah, and the Medal:

They pass out a very unique finisher medal for this 5k. This will come in handy :)


Early night for me. I have an 18 miler lined up for first thing in the morning. I'm hoping to be out the door before 6am.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Canal Diggers 5k - Pre-race recap

I just noticed that last year, this same race, I came in at at 21:04. I'm pretty sure that is my 5K PR

I was flying that day!!!!

Now, I know I wont place my age group, but my goal is to at least beat my time from last year. 21:04........ that will be hard to beat. I really don't want to do anything crazy considering I have to run 18 miles the next day, but I will give it my best!!!

I'll post back tomorrow and let you know how I did!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Music I Run To

Long before this became my running blog, it used to be my music video blog. It was just a place for me to post about the music that I was listening to at that time. I figured I would take it back "old school", if you will, and share a couple of the videos of songs that I currently run to.

Alex Clare - Where is the Heart?

RUN DMT - Sugarcube

Mutrix ft. Alana - Demons

Korn Ft. Skrillex - Get Up

Mark Instinct - Apollo

These are just a couple out of the hundreds of songs on my iPod. I'm always looking for new music to listen to.  Please share with me your favorites!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend Mash-up

I feel like I have a lot to blog about, but I don't know where to start.... so I'll just start with one topic and go from there. No rhyme or reason to these topics. Here is my Labor Day Weekend mash-up.

I mentioned before that I was planning to do an October marathon. There are 3 of them happening in October that are local to me. Hartford on the 13th., Lowell on the 21ts and Cape Cod on the 28th. I really wanted to do Hartford only because it was the easiest one to travel to. But, where I am in training, I don't think I would have been ready. Lowell, (Bay State Marathon), was my next choice, but then I heard about the Cape Cod marathon. It's a week later than Lowell so I get an extra training week, plus I heard the scenery of this marathon is an awesome one! 

So Friday night I bit the bullet and signed up for Cape Cod!
I'm nervous now......

As part of my training, on this past Saturday I had to run 17 miles. The plan was to head out by 6am to beat the morning sun. What happened though, was me rolling out of bed at 7am. I was soo tired. I literally had to force myself out the door. I ended up doing 17.8 hard miles. My legs where not with it during this run. They felt heavy all the way. It just felt like a long run.
My pace though, was where I wanted it to be. It just felt like a harder run than it was.

#300 - Love it!!!

I love this race because it's part of the Charlton Old Home Day Festival. It's an awesome place to hang out after the race to watch some shows and to eat some junk food! I ran this race last year, and came at 38:10. I remember this race year felt tough to do. I remember wishing it was over with at about mile 3. Today, at mile 3 I was like "wow, already?". I was a little worried of being sore or achy after the 17 miler, but  I felt good all the way through. I was also surprised to see my sister-in-law and my nephew on the side lines cheering me on. I usually go to races by myself, so I never expect anyone I know out there for me. So that was wicked cool!!

She snapped this picture..... Thanks Sue!

5 miles came quick... I came in at 36:56 beating last time by over a minute. A new 5 mile PR!!! After the race, I hung out and talked with a couple of the "regulars" that I always see at these local races. Yeah, I ate some junk food too :) Today was a good day!

I have a couple races lined up in the month of September. This Saturday I'll be running Canal Diggers 5k in Worcester. I did this one last year and it was an awesome time. Free BBQ and free Harpoon beer after the race. Enough said! 

The day after I have an 18 miler planned. This will be another tough run.

Also lined up and part of my training will be Surftown Half Marathon. This will be a new one for me so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I might get to meet Bill over at Impossible is Nothing. He is also running this one. Hopefully, he can wake up on time this time... LOL. Sorry Bill, had to throw that one in!

Back to the grind tomorrow.... at least I'm not traveling for work this week. Have a great week everyone!!