Thursday, September 27, 2012

Training week 14 of 18

I haven't really talked much about my training for this marathon like I did for my first marathon. I guess for one, I don't really want to bore anyone with it and second, I've been concentrating more on training than on writing about it. I will say this though, training this time around feels so much easier than the first time. On my first time around, I have never really ran more than 15 miles until my training. So long run weeks of 16miles+ were all new to me. This time I know what to expect out of them. Physically and mentally.

I have also been pushing my training a bit past what's on paper. If my long run calls for 15, I did 16. If 5, I did 7. Last week's 19 mile long run turned in 20. Wednesday's 8 mile before work turned in 10. I plan to do the same for this weekend's long run, which calls for 12 miles. I might just take off in the direction of my 14 mile route.

I just want to be mentally ready for this one. When I hit mile 22-23 in my first marathon, that was uncharted area for me. My mind played games with me during those last few miles and ended up doing me in. So again.... I just want to be ready.

That's enough about my training.

Sunday I plan on running a local 5k in the town of Sturbridge, Ma. I did this one last year but I did the 10k. It's a small low key race that all proceeds go to the RRI Autism Resource Center to purchase supportive and adaptive equipment for those in need. A great cause! Plus I get to buy sweets at the Public House Bakery!!!

Oohh, I can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Michelle @ said...

You are doing AMAZING!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Going into it knowing what to expect really helps Jose. It seems I play less mind games at the end since I know what to expect. Not saying it's any easier but your mind is able to push back the pain more so you can continue. Good luck - it's almost here!

Michelle said...

Sounds like your training's going really well and you'll be ore than ready! Have fun this weekend!

Bill Fine said...

Hey brother!

I know what you mean about the training being easier this time.....with 2 weeks to go, I actually feel a bit undertrained, but I know I'm going to be ready. I certainly haven't been blogging about it like last time, either.

While I haven't been extending my long runs, I think my recent races (like Surftown!) and my 20-miler are setting things up nicely for a great day in Hartford.

Keep up the good work, Jose, and I'll see you down the road.....of course you'll be down the road, 'cause you're too damn fast for me! :>)

Char said...

It sounds like training is going really well. All you have to do is stay healthy and uninjured and I think this will be a great race for you.