Sunday, September 30, 2012

I don't like Fall

Yep, I said it. I DON"T like Fall. I've never liked Fall and now that I run, I like it even less.

I hate that in between weather. Where it's too cold for shorts & t-shirt, but if you wear long pants and long sleeves, you just want to rip them off half way through your run. But if you wear shorts, especially at races, you're cold prior to the start then you are freezing afterwards when you're drenched in sweat and you are starting to cool off.

Blah.... It was a cold and drizzly out this weekend and it hit me that summer is really over. I love summer. Give me hot and humid days everyday. I can't get enough of them. Call me crazy, but I enjoy running in the heat. Sneakers & shorts that's all I need.

But time to face reality.


I ran a 5k this morning. I got there an hour prior to race start and I couldn't shake off the chills. I had to do a couple "warm up" runs just to shake it off. It was a good turn out. Definitely a lot more people this year than there was last year. Came in 6th place over all with a time of 21:27. I didn't hang out after the race. I said my hellos to a couple of familiar faces, but then I was out. I just wanted to go home and throw on some sweats pants on and watch some football.

Football..... now that's about the only thing I like about fall. :)

Have a great week everyone!


Char said...

Autumn's absolutely my favourite season. It means that the awful heat and humidity are finally over and that it's going to cool down so running will be easier. We've just come into spring and already it's getting too hot some days.

Michelle @ said...

How can you look at that pic and not like fall? I hate summer, too hot, too sticky and it drains the life out of me! lol

Unknown said...

i am the complete opposite, i LOVE fall but HATE summer

i ran my second 5k this year and it was a little over 26 mins, i am trying to get it down to 24 but i haven't had too much time to run ever since school started

i wanted to run a half marathon by the end of the year but i might have to reevaluate my goals, maybe my new goal should be a 24 min 5k?

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on; Fall makes you manly!