Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I love the summer!!

Nothing beats hot humid days for me. I love it!!!! Today was about 95 and tomorrow will be about the same. I wanted to get out and run today during lunch, but work was just to hectic. I ended up basically working through lunch and eating my lunch at my desk. Tomorrow, I definitely plan on it! Got home late tonight, so I had to settle for a couple of miles on my bike.

I've been actually taking my bike to work (strapped to my car) and have been changing it up a bit during lunch. On Tuesday I went for an awesome bike ride through the Southborough Conservation area. It's basically this huge field where they mow some trails for people to walk, run or ride through. It's fricken sweet!

There are tons of trails that lead out into the woods as well. Went down a few, but didn't go too far into them.

I have done many runs through here as well, but on the bike it's totally different. Some of the hills are very challenging but doable. The down hills are my favorite! I almost wiped out a couple times fly down them! This will be my favorite thing to do this summer.

Injury report..... My left calf\knee are still not quite right. My last few runs have only beeen about 3 miles each. While it doesn't bother me while running or biking, I do feel it afterwards. I've been icing it and doing my stretches and it has been helping. But for the most part I've been talking it easy. I have no real big races coming up, so I've been taking advantage of the "time off". Will hopefully be back into the swing of things soon.


I probably wont post this weekend 'cuase I wont be around, so everyone have yourselves a great rest of the week, a great weekend,  and some great runs!!!!!


Michael said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm for heat and humidity!! I HATE it! It takes it's toll on me so much. But, they good news is, I'm always faster in the Fall so I know if makes me stronger. Have a great weekend and be careful on those downhills!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

While I'm not a big fan of +90 heat and humidity, it is something that I can manage if I go out on the trail....and those ones look sweet! Enjoy!