Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking it easy

I've decided to take it easy (love that song) for a week or two. I still got these weird aches in my legs that I can't shake off. One especially in my left calf. The funny thing is that it only hurts when I walk, not when I'm running. I've consulted Dr. Google and it can be multiple things. But the top recommendations are some stretching and most importantly some rest.

I have only run 3 times since marathon day. A total of about 13 miles. All great runs too. But this weekend I'll take the days off, making a total of 5 days rest and then feel I'll it out for Monday. On Wednesday there is a 5K in the afternoon not to far from work that I'm thinking of doing. I did it last year and came in 3rd in my age group which was totally unexpected. But the best part was the free food and free beer after the race. That's why I really want to do it again. :)

As for a fall marathon..... still thinking about it. Thank you all for the positive feedback by the way. I'll have to decide soon so I can start the official training. But even if I'm a week or two late, being that I'll start off with low miles, I can jump right into it. Just don't want to wait to long.

Oh... I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday so some of you already saw it:
*Plate # has been altered*

Now it's official!!  :)


Bill Fine said...

C'mon, bro..........if there's anyone out there who's earned a break from running, it's you.....enjoy some time off!

Char said...

That's definitely official - if you've got it on a bumper sticker it must be so.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Love the sticker!