Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Weekend

Yes. Already thinking about the weekend. 

Saturday is long run day. 20 miles schedule, but I'm going to try to pull 21+. I feel like I need it. The plan is to do the same route I did two weeks ago when the 19 miles became 20, but I'm going to add an extra mile in the beginning so I am already I mile ahead by the time I get to the end. A little bit of mind games with myself, but  it's been working so far.

After the long run, the family and I plan to go apple picking.

I'm 38 years old and I've never gone apple picking. It's one of those "Fall" things. Hey, give me credit, I'm trying. I can't wait!


Sunday I will be volunteering at the B.A.A Half Marathon. I will be doing this with the running club. We are going to be working one of the water stops. This will be the first time I'll be working the water stop at this race, but the second time doing it with the club. I can't wait, this is going to be fun. I dont get to hang out much with club members. Honestly I think I've been a lousy member. I have not gone to any of the club only races or events, and they races sponsor, I usually end up running them and instead of helping out. They probably sponsored 30\40 races this year and I have only volunteered 5 times..... I suck. I'm hoping I can change that going forward.

After this weekend, I'll be looking forward to taper time. No, not really....

C'mon Friday!!!!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Hope the weather cooperates for the apple picking - we're hoping to go too!

Bill Fine said...

apple picking does sound fun....we haven't gone yet, but there's still time. I like it to get a little colder, though....makes it more "fall-like".

Enjoy the taper.....I'm FULLY into mine.....ugh!

Anonymous said...

You should come and hang out with me. 22 miles and good beer afterwards. Gotta reward myself!

Char said...

I've never been apple picking either and I'm a lot older than you are. I bet the apples taste so much better straight off the tree.

Michelle @ said...

Have a wonderful time, and best of luck on your 20 miler!

Michael said...

Enjoy the taper (well after this last long run) and have fun volunteering! That sounds like a good weekend.

BTW, love the new look of the blog!