Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 miles....

If you have never ran before, you probably will never understand what goes through a person mind during a long run. I wish I could perfectly express my thoughts, feelings or emotions during a race or a long run. Its a feeling of excitement, of self doubt, of accomplishment, of pain, and more all wrapped up into one weird indescribable emotion... I hate it..., but I love it even more. I live for that indescribable emotion!!

Today's run was all that and more. Walked out the door by 6:30am..The first mile was good. By mile 4 I was ready to call it quits! My feet for whatever reason were killing me today! I didn't give in though.... by mile 5 1/2 I got a new wind and was cruisin'! Mile 8 I started doubting I could finish. With one mile to go, again I got new life to my feet and finished the 10+ mile run with no problem! I could have probably gone more at that point, but I was already home... I did a cool off walk and then some good stretches to relax the muscles...

Its like this every time I do a long run or a race. I just have to remind myself that I have done it before and I know that I can finish it. I try to stay positive and so far it has helped. The feeling of at least finishing or coming in at a good time trumps any other feeling I had prior to that point and makes it all worth while.

I plan at least 2 more 10+ runs this week. Probably one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. I'll see how my days work out. Tomorrow and Monday we are planning to go to the beaches. Probably Misquamicut in RI and\or to Hampton in NH. I'm bringing my sneakers just in case I get the running bug while I'm out there :). I Love running into the ocean after a run!!

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