Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love reading other runners blogs

I started following a lot of blogs about running lately. I really enjoy reading about what other runners are up to and about how they are doing it. Especially when it comes to training or about their up coming races. They are all very informative and entertaining, but most of all they are very real and inspiring! They are the reason I started my own.

The biggest reason I love following these blogs is that it makes me feel like I'm not alone. I'm not the only nut out there in this world that has a passion for running. There are others out there like me and it makes me feel good. They go through the same struggles, they have the same thoughts and they love to run!

As of this moment, I have no followers, but thats OK. So far my blogs have been kind of boring. I'm glad no one is following me .. LOL ... for me this is just a place to put down my thoughts. That is all. If I my random post someday somewhere inspire one person, that's more than I can ask for... :)

Ankle\Run update:
My Ankle hasn't bothered me today. I planned a short (2-3 mile) slow run today, but ended up doing like 6 - 1/2.... If you are a runner, I dont need to explain what happened. The run just got the best of me....

Planning 12 tomorrow... Let's see how that goes..

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