Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's get this year started right!!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot. It was sitting in my drafts folder.

I ended the year with an awesome 12 mile run. Planned for 10, but was feeling soo good that pulled another 2 out of me. Actually by the time I reach my street I was at 11.76 miles according to my Garmin. I wanted to make an even 12 so I ran past my street for another 1/8 of a mile then looped back.
It was an awesome run, except for one thing.... at about mile 5 I felt a sharp pain on my big toe of my left foot. The kind of pain you would get with a splinter. It literally made me yell "oww" out loud. There were some people entering a restaurant that turn around to look at me. So I kinda played it off and kept on limping  running. After a few steps the pain went away so I didn't bother stopping to check it out, but I could still feel "something" on my toe. I was in that "high" and didn't really want to stop anyways.

So when I got home and started doing my stretches, that's when I really felt the pain. Here is what I found:

Please don't make fun of my ugly toes... That sucker was in there!!!!

At first I thought it was glass, but nope.... when I painfully pulled it out:
 (and believe me, it took me a couple of minutes to build up the nerve to actually pull the sucker out!!!)
It was the end piece of one of those plastic tags you find on new clothes.

It doesn't even have a sharp end!!! It just shoved itself in my toe!! OUCH!!
But typical of splinters, as soon as it's pulled out, the pain is automatically gone.

So on that note I ended my year.

Hope everyone had a great time last night!!!!


Bill Fine said...


Way to work through the pain, bro!

Happy New Year!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Yikes! Where on earth did that come from?!?

Char said...

Yeow! Just as well you found it. It would have been embarrassing if it had gotten infected, you'd gotten gangrene and died in a horrible and totally freakish merchandising accident.

Unknown said...

It is dangerous but so helpful also.
Have you ever use the plastic key tags for scratching the Scratch Cards?

Usman Hadi said...

oops!It hurts!I am sure you'll never ever use such plastic Scratch Card