Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I'm Wearing for Boston

Is it weird that I've been thinking about what I'm going to wear for Boston?? Feel like such a girl :) ... I've been thinking about wearing my favorite running shirt. My first Half Marathon shirt - The Worcester Half. - Good ol' blue...  I have worn this to multiple races and during most of my training for all 3 marathons. Here are a few of the pictures I can find, but there were a lot more.

New Bedford Half

Old Fashion 10 Miler

Providence R&R Half

Stu's 30k

I  love this shirt.

 But I have decided to wear my club singlet for this one. 



It's only right. I mean, if it weren't for them I wouldn't be running Boston this year. They have given me an awesome opportunity. I will proudly represent this club through the streets between Hopkinton and Boston.

Though, this is not the final decision. I will wear this on my last few runs just to make sure it feels right. You know what I mean? I really want to wear this one, but if it dont feel right, then it aint happening. Good ol' Blue will gladly take it's place...

As for bottoms, it will be my usual shorts. Nothing special. We all know the weather can be tricky here in April. Just yesterday it was 60 degrees & sunny at noon, but at 6pm it was in the 30's, cloudy, windy and I could have sworn I saw a few flakes falling!! It was nuts!!

So rain, snow or 90 degrees like last year... that will be what I'm wearing at Boston.

11 days away!!


Char said...

It's so sensible to test out your gear before the day. You don't want to be wearing something that's going to create issues.

Kenley said...

That is awesome. i wish I had a club singlet. Then again, im not in a club. lol. I wish you all the best man.