Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Wife Ran Her First 5K Today....

..... and I missed it  :(   

The 5K was to benefit Autism Awareness. I was also signed up to run this 5K. This was going to be our first race together!! I was all excited about it, I couldn't wait!! A bunch of her friends from her gym where also running it.

Yesterday, was softball tournaments for my youngest daughter. During the 3rd inning of the second game of the tournament, my daughter was on first base and was given the signal from the coach to go for the steal of second. She charged as soon as the ball was pitched and the catcher immediately saw her and threw the ball to second as soon as she got it. My daughter went down for the slide and you could already tell something was wrong. Time out was called as we all checked on her. Paramedics were called in. She broke leg bone (forgot what it was actually called) right above her ankle. Sadly, she is DL for the season...

My poor baby  :(

So this brings me back to the 5k.... I decided to stay home with our daughter and my wife went off to the race with her gym buddies.

She's the one in light purple NOT looking at the camera... LOL

For someone who did not really train for this 5k, she finished strong! A little over a 12min pace, coming in at just about 38mins. 

Way to go baby!! I'm proud of you!!!!

Wife & her friend....You go girl!!

Is this the start of something new? Will I have a runner wife? A running partner? Another runner blogger in the house? The new Michael & Jim of the blogging world? Ok, I'm pushing it... LOL . I can dream, right? All joking aside, she did have fun today at her race and she couldn't believe she did it! She is pumped about doing another one. I am upset that I was not there to witness this. I am so proud of you babe!!

But time is on our side. There will be other 5Ks. I'm already trying to talk her into one for next weekend! LOL. She's not biting though. Oh well..... No need to rush. We'll just take baby steps.


Have a great week 'all!!


Char said...

That's great that your wife ran her first 5k and it looks like she enjoyed herself. Really sorry to hear about your daughter though. It's tough to be sidelined for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to start reading about your wife "chicking" you at races!