Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stu's 30k - recap

First, I want to apologize for the lack of pictures for this race. My weekend started on Saturday helping set up for Stu's. It was pretty busy. At 9am I met with the race director and a group from the running club in Holden, Ma to load a Budget truck with all of the race equipment needed for this race. Everything from tables, water, street cones to clam chowder for post race meal. It was a lot of work. But luckily we had a great crew to work with and it wasn't their first rodeo, they knew what they were doing. Everything went smoothly. Then we bought everything to the Clinton (MA) Middle School. This is where the race starts.

Race day...
Race started at 11am, but I showed up at 8am to help set up tables. Registration started at 9am. I then helped pass out T-Shirts 'til about 10:30. I then got my stuff ready and went out for a quick warm up run...... hold up... before my warm up run, I rolled on my foam roller for about 10mins. I brought it with me. I use this thing religiously now!

At about 11 sharp the race starts. The weather was in the upper 30's, partly sunny and snowing. Nothing big, just flakes falling. That only lasted for the first 2 miles. The sun was shining pretty good after that. I could have almost worn shorts.
This course was hilly as all hell. When you were going up, you were going for quite some time. These hills were no joke. Then of course when there is up hills, there are down hills. It felt like you were constantly going up and down through out the whole course. I ran with the same group through out the whole race. I passed them, they passed me. It basically told me my pace as consistent throughout the course.

The snow started falling again by mile 14. It was almost magical looking....

By mile 16, I was cursing Stu. What would possess him to start a race like this? WTH!?

By mile 17, on the last hill, almost at the end, I was done. I ended up giving up to that voice telling me to walk. I walked for a bit until a Alissa, a club member, ran by me and yelled at me to keep on going. I picked up my pace and ran with her. She was moving way to fast for me. I think (I know) she slowed down a bit for me. It was good though. She helped me push towards the end.
As soon as we saw the finish line ahead, she took off and finished strong. I lagged a bit behind her and ended up finishing at 2:43 (Garmin time).

I ran this faster than I should have, ..... than I wanted.... but it worked out.

The race basically runs around the Wachusett  Reservoir 

This is a tough course, but for anyone doing Boston, I recommend it. I truly believe it's the kind of race to get one ready for Boston. I'm glad I ran it. 

IT band not really bothering me, but then again, I have been foam rolling the crap out of it.... plus stretching it as much as I could. I'm determined to finish Boston!!!

Now, I'm just chillin' with my feet up and enjoying a well deserved local beer from the CBC
I found out after that this is the first time they gave finisher medals at Stu's... pretty cool.

I'm beat.... 
Have a great week everyone!!! 


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Great pace. You are on your way to freakin Boston buddy!

Beth said...

Awesome!! Glad you survived the hills and you have nothing to be ashamed of with those splits! Congratulations!!!

Bill Fine said...

WOW!!! Jose, you are one HARDCORE BAD-ASS runner!!! So proud of you....and so excited to hear about how you crush it on Patriot's Day!!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

That is an amazing time, my friend! You are going to be more than ready for Boston!

Char said...

It's so great that you got through the race without problems from that pesky IT band. It bodes well for Boston. Just keep rolling the crap out of it - it seems to be working.

Michelle said...

Those are great splits! I think you're looking really good for Boston. Just keep rolling that IT :)