Sunday, March 17, 2013

28 Days...

... til I shave this damn thing!!!

Not going to lie.... I'm kinda liking this beard thing. It's been keeping me warm on my long runs. Plus I can't stop touching the damn thing. It keeps me entertained. I'm constantly petting it, combing it and cleaning it. I have become one with it. I like the feel of it.

I did say that I would not shave it 'til after marathon day. That's my goal. But not sure it will last that long. I work in IT. Which doesn't necessarily mean I need to be clean cut, but I always like to make a good impression especially with new employees and with upper management. So mentally it's getting to me....

...... But my beard, I feel, has been giving me good luck throughout my training for Boston. Call me superstitious, whatever,.... its working, and I dont want to mess it up! I will not shave until after April 15th. That's what I keep telling myself... I hope I can make it that long.


I wanted to run the New Bedford Half marathon today, but when I went to sing up for it two weeks ago, it was already sold out. I was bumming. I ran it last year at it was a great course. I'm sad I missed out this year. Bill, (Impossible is Nothing), when I heard you weren't running it, the thought of taking your number crossed my mind..... But I didn't.  I know...  I'm horrible..... :(
EDIT: *** For the record... I would never do such a thing***

I instead ran a 16 miler today. The first 3 miles by myself. The next 6 miles with members of the running club, and the last 7 miles by myself. It was a tough run, but I'm glad I got them done.
Next Saturday is the Boston Rehearsal run. Where we will run from Hopkinton, MA to Boston College. 21 miles of the Boston course. I am sooo looking forward to it. Can't wait!


That's it for now. I will let you guys know how it goes on Saturday....


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- Jose


Michelle @ said...

glad your training is going so well! Rock that beard!

Bill Fine said...

Love the beard......that thing makes you look even more BADASS than you already are, my friend!

Glad you didn't take my number....that would've been uncool....although seeing the result you'd put up as "me" might make up for it! LOL

Enjoy the last month of training....I remember well the Hopkinton-BC run I're going to LOVE it!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

My half man beard is humbled and completely jealous of that lumberjack monstrosity!!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!! No doubt it will carry you to a great Boston!

Kenley said...

Don't shave it man, looks rustic looking. lol. It might be like a Samson thing too were you might lose powers or something. Way to go on all that bad ass training. Best wishes on the rehearsal run. Cheers! (I couldn't grow something half as that)

Michelle said...

You're getting so close - I wouldn't mess with anything you think is working for you...including the beard!

Char said...

Once you start plaiting your beard it HAS to go. There's nothing worse than a rat's tail coming from a man's jaw. It's bad enough going down his back but there needs to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere.

Char said...
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Michael said...

Awesome that you get to run 21 miles of the course!

I love that you added the beard to your blog header man. That's awesome :)

Good luck with these final weeks of training and final weeks of beard.