Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Boston Marathon Volunteer Assignment

I don't know if I mentioned this already. Not only am I running this year, but I am also volunteering (with the running club) at the Expo the Saturday before the marathon. I just got my assignment. I have to go there anyways to pick up my bib, why not lend a hand. Plus I get a cool volunteering jacket for doing so!

I volunteered last year as well but I worked the Adidas merchandise booth. It was more of a security type work as I worked the exit making sure no one walked out with items. This year I will actually get to talk to runners from around the world as they come to pick up their bibs. It will be cool feeding off their excitement! Can't wait!

The assignment is for 6 hours, but I'm sure they will fly by. I will be with members of the running club so it will be like working one of our races.... just bigger. Much bigger!!

I am so looking forward to this experience!!


Michelle said...

I just got my assignment too! I'll be greeting buses in the Athlete's Village! Maybe I'll get to see you at the start :)

Jose said...

Michelle that would be awesome! Hope to see you there!!

Char said...

That should be so much fun. Lots of happy, excited people.