Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Bedford Half recap

The New Bedford Half marathon is a big deal around these parts. I honestly didn't realize this until today. It's rated in the top 25 half marathon in the nation and top Half in New England. This was evident by all the athletes that competed at this race. All of the NE running groups were represented in the race. I saw groups from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, CT and of course MA. Had I known this I would have worn my club singlet.

My recap will be quick:

  • Race started at 11am. It was suppose to be in the upper 70's today, but being that New Bedford is close to the coast, it was more like mid 60's. and breezy. Great for running, but sucky if your just standing around.
  • Last couple of runs, I had a case of the achy feet. It was no different at the start of this race. My feet were burning the first couple of miles. I wanted to stop and walk!
  • It wasn't until mile five that I started to get my groove.
  • The best scenic race I've ever run. For about 5 miles you are running with the beaches and the ocean on your right. 
  • The wind kept it cool, but the sun was brutal. My head & face are really sun burnt!
  • 10k mark I realized that I can possibly PR in this half. - I went for it!
  • 60+ yr old couple past me at mile 10, and I couldn't catch up.... I was schooled! 
  • Mile 12 was a killer hill that made you or broke you! It almost broke me!
  • I PR'd by 3 mins from my last half.
  • Forgot to turn off my Garmin at the end :(
  • Very well organized race. This is a must do for any runner.

Setting a PR was honestly the last thing on my mind. But once I saw it was capable, I totally went for it. 
I ended the race at 1:37:38. Just about 3 minutes faster from my last half back in August of 2011. I am wicked happy with that!! Happy beyond belief!

Before this race I had many doubt as to where my training was taking me. As long as I stick to my runs and keep pushing forward. I think my marathon in June is totally achievable. I just hope I'm right. 
I need to hit my training  harder the next couple months. I need to know for sure that I can do this.

Next week run calls for a 15miler..........  Bring it!!!

I'm hoping to find company for this run.....


Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

Nice job, bro. I'd love to accompany you on that 15-miler but it the 3,000 miles it would take to get me to Mass would be a bit much. I did my first ever 15-miler on Friday night with the coyotes, bobcats, jackrabbits, and drunk drivers.

Michelle @ said...

amazing job!! Stoked for you!

Char said...

That's a huge PR. All that training has been working well. You should be proud of yourself.

Bill Fine said...

WOW!!! You CRUSHED New Bedford! Great job! I'd love to join you for that 15-miler, but even though I'm practically in the neighborhood (being in Franklin and all..), my injury situation is curtailing my running for a little while. 4 weeks until Boston, so I've got to let things heal. So glad to hear you had such a great run!

Christi said...

Congrats on your PR! That is very awesome!

Have a great training week!

Michelle said...

You did awesome! That's a huge PR! Congrats!!

bobbi said...

I read this on my phone last night when I saw you post on fb (can't comment from my phone - hate that) but I wanted to come back and say CONGRATS again! What an outstanding race! I see big things in your future :)

Anonymous said...

Most excellent job on the PR!

The Unexpected Runner said...

I am very behind on my blogs so sorry for the late comment. SO glad I went back to read though! Wow! Excellent race!!!! Haha...I laughed a bit about the being schooled part....I have been beat by an over 70 year old in a triathlon...more than once! I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to rock the marathon in June! Sounds like a nice race...very scenic. I am told the Ragnar Cape cod is scenic like that...I HOPE so! I will need the distraction!