Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Tidbits....

Thank you for everyone's comments on my last post! I appreciate every single one!!!

Saw this posted over at The Boston Marathon's Facebook page. It is very cool. Sam Adams Brewery (thanks to Detriot Runner for this link) brewed a special beer to celebrate one of Boston's traditions. This is will only available on tap at local bars and restaurants along the marathon route. I will be on the look out for it. I hope to score myself one of those commemorative beer mugs as well.


I got 17miles in this week during lunch at work. We've had 4 days straight of 80 degree weather. Can't complain at all!! My shirt usually last about a mile before I throw it on the side of the road. I usually, if I dont forget, pick it up on the way back. Day off from running tomorrow, but I'm thinking of strapping my bike to my car and going for a nice long ride during lunch. The weather will be back down to the 60's (boo), but perfect for biking.

I mapped out a nice route for Saturday's 15 miler. It's looks like such a long of a run, when mapped out. Gotta get that out of my mind though!! I just gotta do it!

Happy runnings...Have a great weekend!


bobbi said...

15 miles! Wahoo! It's just 3 5-milers, right ;) You will rock it, I'm sure.

It's been funny to me to look at everyone's version of what "perfect" running weather is. You? Loving the 80 degree temps. Me? Wishing like hell for the 40s again...

Char said...

That sort of weather is vile to run in. At least you can take off your shirt - it's frowned on for us XXers to do that.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I've got to say I love that glass as well. Really cool. I bet they will have them at the Boston marathon expo. I'd buy one for sure!