Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 7 of Marathon Training

I've been pretty quiet about my training lately. It's because (knocks on wood) it's been going fairly well. Been having some good strong runs lately. Besides the normal aches and pains, everything has been going as planned.
Week 7 calls for a 14 mile run this weekend. I instead will run the New Bedford Half Marathon and swap out my 13 mile run on week 9 with this weeks long run. So instead of doing 14-15-13, I will do 13-15-14. Works well for me. I've only done two other half marathon in the past, Worcester Half -1:44 & Providence R&R -1:40. I'm not sure if I'll set a new PR. I'm actually not aiming for one. I'm taking this as part of my training. But I should at least be close to these times.

Even though I haven't posted lately, I have been reading through the blogs I follow. I see a lot of you pulling some awesome long runs! I can't wait until my training calls for 18+miles runs. Sounds crazy, but I'm looking forward to the aches and pains. But most importantly, looking forward to the satisfaction of finishing these runs!! 80 days 'til Worcester Marathon. The reality hasn't set it yet. I'm sure these long runs will help!


I want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Sue. She pulled out a great 5 miles with me this past weekend. Keep up the good work, Sis! You are doing awesome!! I'll run with you anytime!

And also to Sandy, a former co-worker and a Facebook follower of my blog, that has been hitting the pavement hard lately. Keep it the good work!!

Keep on Running!!


Pam @ said...

See, I'm right the opposite. I'd like to run another marathon, but I don't want to do the necessary long training runs to get there. haha

Bill Fine said...

have fun at New's a GREAT run! Nice little hill around mile 3, and then there's a pretty long hill near the finish, but the crowds are great!

I'm scheduled to run the half in Quincy on Sunday, but if my ankle doesn't start cooperating, I'll be sitting it out.

Char said...

I'm absolutely certain that mine was one of the long runs you were talking about - 10k distance with 6k of that running. I know you're blown away by that distance. Wait till I actually run the entire distance.