Sunday, February 24, 2013

Training Week #12

Last week I had to travel to our NYC office. I was able to get 2 good runs in. 

Me and my angry Marathon Beard!!

Unfortunately, I forgot my Garmin back home so I can't tell you exactly what I ran. I'm guessing 6 miles on Thursday and about 3 on Friday. Running through the street of NYC is no easy task. Avoiding the many people that walk the streets is a workout on it's own. :)


This week marks week# 12 of my revamped training. The plan is to pull out at least 15 miles during the week and then for my long run next weekend I signed up for Stu's 30k. 18.6 (ish) very hilly miles.

Picture from CMS page

Stu's is a race that most people that are running Boston in these part run as part of their training. I volunteered at this race last year. In that post I said that I could probably do it in 2hrs 15mins...... Maybe back then when I was at 100%!!  18 miles, I think, is kinda pushing it for me right now. I figure, I'll do what I can and walk if I have to. For me, its not a race. Its training. So I will be taking it easy. I'm going to guess 2:45 - 2:50.

I will also be volunteering for this race, but on Saturday, the day before. I'll be helping getting all the race packets ready and probably help loading the trucks with all the tables, water and Gatorade for the water stops. Plus I need to meet with one of the race directors so he can show me where the club keeps all their race equipment. Which is not far from there. I haven't mentioned it yet in my blog, but I'll be timing a race (by myself - for the first time) on May 19th for the club. More on that later when I get the full details..... but I'm excited about it!!

Well here is to another busy week ahead of me.... Have a great week everyone!!!


Beth said...

You inspire me. Even in the depths of despair I think, Jose is running Boston and overcoming an injury, you can do this Beth, you can do this. Thank you!!!

Jose said...

Wow Beth. That means a lot. Thank you.

Char said...

I hate not having my Garmin. It doesn't seem like you've done it unless it can be uploaded onto the computer. Good luck with your race. I hope all your sore bits behave themselves.

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

You do the fake runner pose wrong, just like I do! (same arm as leg, instead of opposite arm/leg like you do when you actually run). :P I've tried to do it correctly but the photos never look as good.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the race/run! Continued healing vibes coming your way!

Kenley said...

I really admire your unselfish personalities of the running community man. Cheers to you and to your running and all. Best of wishes with that Stu race too. Week 12. Whooohoooo!