Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Knees

Not my knees, but they have the same smile... :)

12.5 almost pain free miles today. I felt good up until mile 8 where I started feeling a bit of pain on my knees. Not big pain like it was a couple weeks ago. But enough where it made me slow down a bit. The slowing down helped because by mile 10 they were feeling better. I was able to finish off strong. 1hr 55min - 9:11 min mile pace. Not to shabby, I'll take it.


Saturday night was the running club's Pot Luck Banquet. I don't know too many people club yet, so I wasn't going to go, but I decided last minute just to show up for a while. I'm glad I did. It was good to see all the runners outside of running and wearing regular clothes. I ended up sitting at a table where two other runners were also running Boston this year. One was running her third, the other her first, and were both battling minor injuries. I can't tell you how great it felt not being alone struggling through injury going into Boston. We offered up advice to each other and one even asked for me restructured training plan.

It was also cool to talk about running and not feel like you are boring the hell out of the other person! Ha!

I'm glad I went. I met tons of new people and some possible weekend long run partners. That would be cool. I need all the help I can get in these last few weeks.


This week, I'll be doing some traveling. So I'll be taking my running gear with me. If I get at least one run in I will be happy. Two would be a plus!!


Have a great week everyone!!


Char said...

I'm so glad your knees are behaving. And I'm glad you went to the dinner. Sometimes the things that we don't want to be turn out better than we could have imagined. Now you've got a few new running buddies :-)

Kenley said...

Glad to hear your knees are better. mine started hurting about 2 months ago and i started doing squats with just me. no pain now. muscle imbalance? maybe. good thing you went to the party huh. have fun on vacation.

Bill Fine said...

hope you're able to get some training in while traveling, but I'm particularly happy to hear that your knees are feeling better. Seems to me you've been training sensibly through it the "MarathonMarathonMarathonzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" cartoon......I found that on a shirt I bought my wife from the NYRR website. It's the perfect gift for a non-running spouse of a marathoner, as we do get a litte obsessed! :>)

Michael said...

Good news about your knees!!

Also awesome you may have met some new running partners. I need to find some my slow pace...seems almost impossible some days!