Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week Recap

We are a car short at our household. With our daughter going to school and working, the wife and I are constantly sharing our cars with her. So there are some nights where I have to pick up my wife from work. It just happens to be nights where she goes to the gym.  So, since I have been sidelined from running (for the most part), I have agreed to join my wife at the gym for her classes.

I haven't stepped into a gym in years.... and never for classes....

Last week I joined her for a "LESMills Body Attack" class, which supposedly is the hardest class they offer. I did the routine but I must say I had a chip on my shoulder about it and really didn't enjoy the workout. I just hate the fact that we were locked up in a room, working out indoors. The workout was some what hard, but write home about..... I survived.
This week we did it again. But this time for some reason the class felt tougher. It really kicked my butt this time. Plus, I was the only guy on the class, so I was doing my best to keep up with all the ladies. It was hard. These women, including my wife, kicked my butt in a lot of the routines. I couldn't keep up.
The next day, I was hurting!!! Even my butt cheeks hurt!

I'm a wimp. I know. Even though I couldn't hang with the ladies, I really enjoyed this last class. My body was sore the next day, but it felt great. I think this is great as a cross training for my marathon! I think I might do them again, maybe even make it part of my routine. I just need a little more practice :)


I was told to the PT lady that my IT Band has really loosened up since my first visit. She says it could be due to a combination of not running, the massages she's been giving me, my stretching and most importantly to my new best friend:
I love\hate this thing!!

I cant believe I didn't buy one of these sooner!!! This roller is amazing. It hurts but feels soo good at the same time. I roll my IT band 3 times a day with this thing and I curse it every time I do. I have always seen people use them before races. I never understood what the big deal was. Some of you have mentioned using them too. I never thought it was for me. Boy was I wrong. This thing is made for me. I will buy a 2nd one so I can have one at work too :)

I have asked about the Graston treatment thing, but I was told to hold off to see how I progress first. Since things are looking positive, I might not need to go that route. Plus they don't offer it there so I will have to find another place that does and pay for it out of pocket. We'll see.

Ran 4 good slow miles on Wednesday, then 3 not so great ones on Friday. There was no real pain on Friday's run, but it was one of those sluggish runs. Just never got in a groove. But I got them done with one 30sec break in between. Ugh.... I need to start putting in some big mileage soon! This weekend should of been my 15 miler of my training.  Once I get the go ahead from PT and I feel like I can do it, I'm gonna have to rework my training plan to make it work some how. Still don't know how I'm gonna do this. I can't wrap my mind around it yet. ...... *sigh*

What a journey this is turning out to be. It's been tough physically and mentally....

Ain't that the truth!!


Char said...

I know what you mean about working out indoors. It's just not fun! It's a hard slog and there's nothing pleasurable about it.

I love the colour of your roller. I'm all about green this year (and purple).

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Get healthy and stay healthy! I wouldn't worry too much about "catching up" on your miles. I'd rather get to the start undertrained and pain free than with lots of miles and a nagging injury. I adjust my goals, go slow, take walk breaks, and enjoy the race! (My first marathon my longest run was 14 miles, and I was fine). Keep up the good work!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ha, I've done the same thing with yoga classes before with my wife. I went in like, "Playa please, ya'll have not idea what I put my body through - this will be a piece of cake!" But at the end, I was out of breath, sore, and didn't want to come back - ha.

protometal @ said...

I haven't gotten the running in that I want lately for various reasons, but have been hitting the gym more. Figure some workout is much better than none and maybe using different muscles will help my running. I do like it much less than running, but I'm nearing the point that I don't hate it.

I still haven't worked up to the foam roller thing. Everyone says they love it, but I'm afraid that I'll get it and it will just take up space or use it as a floatation device. How did you learn to use it correctly?

Kenley said...

Never took any classes before. hmmm i think your on to simething man. nice to see the healing progression. hey if marathon training was easy they would call it football.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

As runners we sometimes forget about the other muscles we have that are not used much. Glad you are feeling better. I love my foam roller. If you will be using it long term, buy a "the Grid" from tptherapy

The Unexpected Runner said...

Ha! I go to 2 or 3 classes a week. Either Core or Strength training because I can't make myself do it otherwise & I feel like the pressures on to be a rockstar in the class and not to get outdone by all the old ladies! Yeah, go to a 10am weekday class and I'm the only one under 60! LOL! Yeah it can hurt like a you-know-what! Once I had a sadistic trainer that had us do so many lunges and squats that my co-workers laughed at the hilarity of me hobbling down the hall at work.

It's good to be reminded that we need to work ALL of our muscle groups...not just the running ones! ....but I'll feel your pain and frustration for not being able to run the miles you need and want :(