Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 1

Week 1 of Marathon training. Honestly no real different than my normal running. The schedule call for:

But it looks more like this:

I planned to run on Tuesday, but I had to travel that day so I ran Monday instead. I have a hard time running at "Marathon Pace". Not that I'm super fast, it's just that I have a hard time running a bit slower. I'm not sure what MY marathon pace is. So on Wednesday I ask my coworker Ernie, who is also a runner, to go for a run with me during lunch. He runs normally runs at a 9-10mile pace, so I figured that would be good for me. We did a 7.5 run which at times I felt like we were going really slow. I'm not complaining. I need to find a happy medium so this is a start for me.
Today I did a good 5 miles, rest tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm doing the 8 miler on Saturday or on Sunday yet. Haven't figured out what to do for cross training yet. I have a bike, but it's too damn cold to ride outside. A friend of mine has a heavy bag which I'm trying to get off him cheap. I think I'll enjoy going a couple of rounds with it in the garage. I also have a jump rope I can use, but even though I want to think I'll look something like this using it:

I know I will look and feel more like this:

Hopefully be the end of marathon training I will master it.

I just found out that there will be a lot more traveling for work in the next couple of weeks\months. I will be in Danbury, CT (2 hrs away), and to NYC (3.5 hrs away), for days at a time. And a week trip to El Paso, TX sometime next month. I'm gonna have to get creative when it comes to my runs during these trips.


Have a good weekend everyone - Let's go Pats!!


The Unexpected Runner said...

Even if you are traveling, if you get 3 decent runs I. A week you are golden. And even the crappy business hotels usually have a little workout least that's what my husband says. He travels plenty and doesn't always run outside but can usually get in the dread mill or a bike.

Bill Fine said...

It's hard going slow, isn't it? Now I'm a slow runner by nature, but it's still hard for me to go SLOWER than usual while training, but the last time I trained for a marathon, I ended up getting hurt because I was doing my training runs at race pace...5K pace! In training, slow and steady wins the race....getting to the start line in one piece!

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

jump rope is tougher than you think. I did that as part of some cardio cross-training - I was supposed to do a minute, but I was wiped after about 40 seconds!

Christi said...

I love to jump rope but I look hysterical when I do it. That is why I only do it when I workout in my basement.

Great job on your first week of training!

Kenley said...

Good luck with the jump rope. I probably wouldn't last for more than 30 seconds or so. Traveling and training for a marathon. Im sure you will fit it in some how.

Char said...

Don't diss little girls skipping - some of them are experts with a rope.

If you're having to travel , you'll have to edd your running gear to your luggage. Might mess with the training a little but it's totally doable.