Thursday, February 9, 2012

Randomness ...

One week. One full week of no running. This is the first time since I started running that I have gone this long without running. It actually has not been bad mentally. The constant pain in my lower back reminds me that I can't and shouldn't run. But it's been a week. I'm starting to itch. Every day I tell myself "maybe tomorrow".... but every tomorrow, the pain is still there.

Like I said, I've thrown my back out before. But I swear, it has never been this bad. Well, since I've been running anyways. Ugh... I'm patiently waiting it out. With stretching and some heating pads, it will eventually subside. Always does....

- - - - - - -
This might sound dumb, I keep forgetting to take showers. I usually take showers after my runs which is almost every day. But of course since I haven't been running, I haven't been sweaty or stinky. So I haven't felt the need to take a shower. Luckily, for everyone else in the office its winter and I have a sit down kind of job where the only time I break a sweat is if the elevator is down and I  have to run up and down the stairs.

For the record, I did sneak in a shower or two this week ;)

-  - - - - - -
Whats the deal with Google Friend Connect? Is it really going away? WTF Google!!! Where does that leave us?  I really dont want to deal with Google+ . And I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. I dont have nearly as many followers as most of you, but I cherish and appreciate every single one. I started this blog just as an outlet to talk about the one thing I enjoy doing. Having you follow and read my ramblings is a blessing.

Google you are dumb.
As some of you know, I have a Twitter account. Thank you for those of you that follow me. I'm not a big "Twitterer". A lot of times I forget about it and wont post for days. I mostly post links back to my blog or reply to other Tweets.
I've recently started a Facebook Page for my Blog. I have my blog posted on my personal Facebook, but none of my family or friends that I know of actually follow or read it. So I figured this would be a good way for me to promote it. I just started it so there's not much really up there yet, but I have some ideas for it.

Since Google Friend Connect is going away and since most people already have a Twitter and\or Facebook account, I figured that would be the way to go to keep and gain new followers. Follow if you wish. I currently follow some of you this way, but if I dont, please post your links, and I'll make sure to follow you.

- - - - -

"Maybe Tomorrow".......... Have a good weekend everybody!


Char said...

I'm wishing you a pain-free tomorrow. And I'm wishing my husband a pain-free tomorrow too.

Looks like I'll be joining you on Facebook.

Christi said...

Ouch, I am so sorry about your back. I hope it heals very quickly!

Jeff said...

I may be wrong on this - but I think google will continue friend connect for blogs on Blogger only. Of course probably half the blogs I read aren't on Blogger, so finding something else to track them all is still necessary. And again, I may be wrong.

Michelle @ said...

Hi! New here, and just wanted to wish you quick healing for your back!! <3