Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday's ramblings

This is officially week #3 of my marathon training. As most of you know I had to take week #2 off because of my back problems. It feels good to be right back into it. Luckily for me the first couple of weeks of training is not much different than my normal runs. So it makes it easy to jump right back in. My back is still achy, but no real pain. I make sure to keep up with my PT stretches.

Ran a easy 4 miles on Monday and rested on Tuesday. Today I ran a good, very hilly 8 miles through the streets of Hopkinton, MA. during my lunch hour. Tomorrow I plan another 4ish and take Friday off. I'm a little weary about cross training after my rope jumping incident. I might just do some swimming at local gym. That should be safer for me :)

I just realized that I haven't done any races since Thanksgiving. I've been slacking!!! My next schedule race is the New Bedford Half in March. This will be at about my halfway point in my training. I have to start looking for a couple more to throw in the mix. I was invited to be part of a Ragnar race in May, which would have been awesome..... but it lands on my weekend that my training calls for a 20 miler. I'll have to get creative if I do plan on running it.

I want to say "hi" to my family & friends now following me via Facebook. Funny how I can let the whole world read my blog and not think twice about it. But when it came to inviting you guys to read it, I was a bit nervous.... NO, a lot nervous about it. Thanks for the positive response. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Add some back stretches to your routine and if it's lower back issues, if you are not focusing on core, add some core exercises.

Keep up the dedication, your marathon will be upon you faster than yuou think. But you can do this!

Michael said...

Glad your back is continuing to improve that's great news. I have had alot of back problems over the last 7 years and I find that when I am swimming alot I have fewer issues. It's such a great core workout it helps keep things in check I think.

Char said...

Nice to hear that it's all going so well. Keep up the stretches!

Michelle said...

Good to hear your back's making progress!

On the Right Track said...

Hey there...came across yor blog from Michelle's...I'm a follower now and a newbie blogger myself!!

Love your style of writing and your passion for running...

Looking forward to reading more about you.
Curious to know what your back injury is?????