Monday, July 29, 2013

IT Band issues.... again

Week 10 of marathon training. As mileage starts to build, here comes the IT band issues once again.
That is exactly where my pain and discomfort is!!!

As some of you might remember I had real bad issues with my IT band during my Boston Marathon training. At the time I didn't realize it was my IT band because most of my pain and discomfort was in my knees. It wasn't until I went to go see a specialist, and after some X-Rays and CT scans, did I learn that it was the IT bands. I got a cortisone shot and was sent to a couple of weeks of PT.

Any other marathon or race and I probably would have not run it. But being that it was Boston, I was determined to crawl across the finish line if I had to! Ha!,... so along with PT, readjustment of my training schedule, and support from friends and family I was able to participate in the most memorable marathon in history.

This time around, my training schedule is a bit more aggressive than my last. I'm doing more miles during the week and weekend long runs creep on me a lot sooner during this training. I planned on sticking to it as much as I can, but I already had to detour just a bit due to aching IT issues. This was last weeks schedule versus what I did:

Sunday - 16 miles - did a 5 mile race that night instead.... just wasn't feeling a long run.
Monday rest day
Tuesday 5 miles  - done ... in torrential downpours... it was bad out.. but an awesome run!
Wednesday 9 miles - NO way... I was hurting
Thursday 5 miles - took another day off
Friday was suppose to be rest, ran 5 miles
Saturday 8 miles - Ran 13.5.... ended up at the lake for an hour to cool off  and swim then ran the 1.5 home after = 15 miles.
Sunday 13 miles - ran 5

So as you can see, not really to plan, but I'm still getting my mileage in. I've been foam rolling and stretching the crap out of my IT bands. I also have a list of strengthening exercises I got from PT. Been doing these religiously every night and morning.... well a lot more now than I have the past couple of weeks. They are feeling better but not 100%

Clarence DeMar Marathon is about two months away and BayState Marathon is only three weeks after that one. Aggressive? Yes.... but I'm soo looking forward to these races! The plan is to train hard, but at the same time listen to my body and readjust if needed. I think things will work out well!!

That's it for now. Like last summer, my post are far and few. It's just to nice to be indoors on a computer :)

Enjoy the hot weather everyone!! Have a great week!!


Michelle @ said...

I too suffer from terribly IT band issues. My thoughts are with you!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you have a good plan know what to do. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how many running days are on your schedule per week, but you can cut it down to three and still have a good marathon (speaking from experience). Obviously keep the long run in there and then have a tempo day and a speed work day.

A marathon is not about the number of miles you put in, but the quality of miles you put in. Junk miles do nothing but aggravate the body with little to no training benefit.

This is only a suggestion by the way, you know your body better than anyone.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Take care of that IT Band. I know you already do, but roll, roll, roll, and massage the large part of the side of your quad until it hurts. As you know, the location of the pain is typically not the source. Good luck, hang in there.

Michael said...

That's a bummer, but sounds like you are managing it well and still getting in some decent mileage.

I've heard IT band is related to hip/glute weakness...ok, so I guess really what running related injury isn't due to hip/glute weakness. Apparently the core is truly important. Just keep doing your PT exercises and rest as you are already doing!

Char said...

ITBS is such a nuisance. I've had it a few times and every time I think I've got it sorted it rears its ugly head again. I'm doing exactly the same as you - rolling, stretching and strengthening but I managed a pain-free run the other day after my physio recommended I use kinesiotape. I still don't know if the tape made the difference but it was great to run pain-free and stay pain-free afterwards.

Michelle said...

You know I've had my share of ITB issues in the past - rolling, chiro and specific strength exercises have made all the difference. Hang in there and I'm sure you'll get to the starting line in solid form.

protometal @ said...

Heal up Jose! You have some work to do. :)

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Two marathons within three weeks - crazy train! All aboard Jose! Haha. Hope you feel better. Do we really need IT Bands? I vote to get rid of them.

runnerteri said...

I get the dreaded IT band tightness too. This stretch has been a lifesaver:

Maybe it will help you a bit?

Dr. Allen Conrad said...

Chiropractic care, massage and ultrasound have been effective in treating it band injuries with runners. Hope the info helps.