Saturday, January 26, 2013

IT Band Woes.....

Just a recap on my running pains. Wanted to post during the week but been too busy at work, home and just life in general. Thanks to all who commented. I appreciate  the support!!

Doctor's visit on Tuesday was to go over the CT scans from last week. The good news: cartilage in the knees are good and there are no tears in the muscles or tendons. All looks good. The bad news: left IT band is tight as all hell and is the cause of my knee pains. The doc shot my knee up with a cortisone and sent me off to get some PT. The next day my knee was feeling GREAT!! I wanted to test it out,.... but unfortunately I've been benched for at least 3 more weeks.

I went to PT on Friday. I'll be working with a lady that really knows her stuff. She showed me a whole bunch of stretches I should be doing and gave me a deep massage from hell on the IT band. But it felt great.... afterwards. I explained to her my dilemma of my upcoming marathon. Which her reply was "we'll see how you do the next couple weeks"... I wanted to hear something more like "Don't worry, I'll get you fixed and guarantee you a PR at Boston!" and we would of high fived and life would have been awesome!!
I'm scheduled to go to PT Tuesdays and Thursdays for at least the next 3 weeks.

But then reality sank in. Even if I get things back in somewhat pain free order. A whole month of training (if lucky) has gone out the window. What can I do? How can I do it? My head spins with all these thoughts. I'm trying not to worry myself about this, but I can't help it. I'll deal with it, when\if the time comes. I welcome any advise.

I like this idea
Will look into it!!

A friend also recommended Craston treatment. I've been doing some reading on it and watching videos on Youtube. I heard it hurts like hell, but I think this is what I need. Any one have experience with this? Please fill me in!!

For now, the PT lady said I can run, BUT to keep it 2-3 miles with walks in between miles or as soon as I feel discomfort and only 2-3 times a week with NO consecutive days of running. I plan on doing a couple miles this week to try it out.

That's it for now. Enjoy your runs everyone! Do some for me!!


K said...

Get on an indoor bike or rower, Jose. Keep the cardio up and your running fitness won't drop off too much.
Hang in there! IT band issues are better news than knee issues.

Bill Fine said...

You stay strong, my brother....I have every faith that you'll be good to go on Patriot's Day!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

The Grid foam roller helped my IT Band incredibly. $40 but does not break down and it's hard. It will hurt like hell when you start using it but it works. I use it before and after every run and once at night. Yes, it takes time before and after my run but if it works, it's worth it to keep it up.

Charene said...

Definitely try to do some cycling. I've also been struck with injury to my feet and in the middle of marathon training. Bought a bike and use it a couple of days a week instead of running. Making a big difference. PT is also involved and I'm back running again. Can you cycle with your IT band issue? Cycling would keep your endurance up. I have also seen several marathon training plans that use both running and cycling.

Kenley said...

Heres to hoping you will be in commision in a few weeks. dont try and rush the healing process. no pr verses out longer. hmmmmm. hang in there brother. ill do some runs for ya.

Michelle said...

Graston treatment made a huge difference for my ITB - it does hurt like hell but the results have been great! Hang in there!

Char said...

I've got a great physio who fixed up my ITB issues and has kept them away for years now. Unfortunately she live on the other side of the world so I guess you won't be asking for her number. I hope you get on top of yours quickly.

Anonymous said...

Damn IT Bands. But you have got to take care of them.