Monday, August 5, 2013

For Once.... Some Good News

Last week I received an email from the Boston Athletic Association informing me of the date of registration for those who did not get to finish Boston this past April. The dates are August 19th through August 29th. It also informs me of the registration cost - $325!! Ouch!

I was a bit upset about this cost at first. How can they make up pay so much? WTF? Why do pay (again) to finish what I could not on April 15th? I mentioned this to a couple of coworkers and most of them did not understand the fee associated with the marathon. "You mean you have to pay to run?", they would ask. "That's crazy!"

Then I mentioned my dissatisfaction to other runners and the reaction was mixed. Those who have this opportunity to run it again are like me, upset about the cost as well. Others, who do not have this opportunity, this chance to run Boston, would tell me that they would gladly pay more to have this chance at a lifetime. That right there, put it into a whole new perspective for me. What was I complaining about? They were right! I have second chance to be part of one the biggest events in running. Not only is it THE Boston Marathon, but after this past years events, it will be the most sought after marathons in history. There will be those that will want to run it, but can't, and here I am I got a ticket in and all I have to do is pay a fee.

I remember talking to my wife about it after reading the email and expecting her to agree with me about the cost. Surprisingly, the first words out of her mouth were "The checks are in my purse"..... now if were only that easy to purchase other things I want.... LOL!!

So after a couple days, I was pretty much OK with paying this fee. Only a small price to pay to be part of an historic event.

Then today at work I get a call from our HR department. Nothing out of the ordinary. Being in IT, I work closely with the HR department, so calls from them are common. But this call was nothing but ordinary. The HR lady proceeds to tell me that they heard about my entry fee for the Boston Marathon and then told me that my company will cover any cost associated with me running Boston. For me not to worry about it. Just run it!

I think I stood there, quiet, with the phone in my hand for about 2 mins. I was like "wuuut?..... why?.... I don't know wha..."..... Just say "Thank you", she said. A almost started to tear up. I was blown away by this!!!

I just wonder how and who made this decision? I mean, someone cared enough to bring this up to management and then they agreed on it. Truly mind blowing!

With all the bad that goes on in this world, with all the crap that the news puts out there,...  the BS magazine covers I will never mention by name, with everything soo negative that goes on...... 
.... it's good to at least once, just catch a break and get some good news. 

I truly feel blessed today.

We are Boston Strong!


protometal @ said...

That's really cool.

How much was the entry last year? I understand a price increase because of increased security costs and demand, but over $300 for a race a bit nuts. Then again, all runners are nuts so it may not reduce demand too much. :)

Nicole said...

So very cool! I got chills reading it. Just run, it's all good.

Michelle said...

Very, very cool! Really happy that you get another shot at this! Embrace it!

Char said...

Wow. So happy for you Jose.

Anonymous said...

325.00! That includes hotel accomodations - right?

smacedo said...

Sucky price tag but amazing company!!