Sunday, August 25, 2013

Training Week 13 Recap

This week's run consisted of a 10k on Wednesday night. The Running of the Wolves 10k is one I have done the past three years. This year being #4. I love this race. It was the first 10k I ever ran. So it holds a special place in my running career.

This race is held on the Assabet River Rail Trail (a bike trail) so they limit the race to only 350 people. It's an out and back race. 5k mostly down hill to start then you turn around and run the second 5k up hill. Its a very challenging race. This year, for the first time the awarded medals to the finishers.

This is a nice heady duty medal. Not a cheapy one :)

14th place, 9th in my age group (18-39  - Boo!) with a 11 second PR!!

It was a photo finish with this guy which I ran with the last mile.
They gave him 13th place :( ... he looks way too happy!

It was a good race. Lots of club members were there which is always cool. Never a dull moment.

My Instagram Pic (follow me if you can find me... I'm not hard to find ;)  )

Thursday - I followed it up with a 5 miler
Friday was a rest day.
Saturday - A 5 miler in the morning followed by a long day of walking in NYC with the family.
Sunday -  A tough 20 miles. Got home late, Woke up late, so I started the run late. The sun was a killer today and I felt like I didn't have enough water. But I got them done!


Clarence DelMar - Marathon #5 - is 5 weeks away. This week coming up's long run is a cut back week. Scheduled is a 12 miler. Which I am looking forward to! The week after that is the Jimmy Fund Walk. The fundraiser walk follows the Boston Marathon course from Hopkinton to Boston. I have another 20 miler scheduled that week. Since the course will be police monitored, a couple of club members, also running Clarence DelMar, have decided to get together and run the course from Hopkinton to Boston College (21 miles). Same as we did back in March during the Boston Rehearsal run. It's perfect! I'm in but I felt bad just running the course, so I found a couple people walking it and I donated to the cause. It's only right.  

So week 14 and 15 are up ahead. After that, it's basically taper time. Thank goodness!!! I am looking forward to it!. If all goes as planned, marathon #6 will be just 3 weeks after marathon #5. Crazy!!

That's it for now....
Have a great week everyone!!


Michelle @ said...

you are killing it! xoxo!

Char said...

Great run Jose. Looks like your training is track.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great job on the PR! And way to power through the long run yesterday - the heat makes it so tough this time of year, but we're so much better for it on the cool fall days! Keep up the great work.

Karien P. said...

Congrats on the PR! Sounds like a killer route :) .

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Kicking but gas always Jose! Another great job and awesome PR. I really would like to break 45 in the 10k.

Alvano Richie said...

Haha. Love that wolve in red outfit.

Chestnut hill CH600

Michelle said...

Congrats on your PR! You really are killing it these days! Keep up the great work!