Thursday, July 19, 2012

Running with the Wolves 10k

This is the third year I have run this race. As I mentioned before, it's a 10k that is 5k down hill and then you turn around and do the second 5k UP hill. It was hot, humid and in the upper 80's at the start of the race. It rained like crazy an hour before race start, but it did nothing to help cool it off.

I have always done good running hills. That's probably why I really enjoy this race. My mentality is that if I can pace myself with everyone one around me down hill, there is no way they can pace me or pass me up hill. It's like a little game in my mind as I race. Now I'm not going to lie and say that it was an easy race. Oh hell no.... as I mentioned, it was hot and humid. It felt like I was running with someone on my shoulders throughout the whole race. And my body felt like it had Glide rubbed all over from the sweat. I was soaking wet.... and probably stinky too.... :)

My race went as planned. On the way back up I had a great lead on the people behind me and I ended up passing 5 people on my way to the finish line. The best thing about this race is that you also become a spectator. The race is out and back. So you see the people ahead of you as the pass by you on their back and then you see the people behind you as you yourself head back. So there is a lot of cheering going on as people pass each other by. It's cool.

They also offer free pictures that you can download afterwards.... you only pay if you want prints. Not too many races offer this freebie.
I look like death....

End result:

The age group sucks cause it was 19-39...... c'mon really??? I had no chance...

Look at the 2nd mile pace!!! Wow!!
As you can see, the second half was a bit slower than the first half, but consistent.

This is the farthest I've ran since marathon day. Today my legs are sore but nothing out of the ordinary. No pain which is great. Rest day today and then back at it again tomorrow. I almost feel back to my ol' running self again.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Michael said...

Wow nice job! Those second half times are extremely consistent for an uphill!!

19-39 - that's a crazy age group!! How is anyone supposed to compete in that :)

Char said...

I'm with you on the age group thing. I personally like 5 year age groups. I can cope with 10 year ones. But 20 years?!! Do you still feel as strong and fit as you did when you were 20?

Bill Fine said...

great race, Jose! I thought about running this one, but coming 4 days after the half I ran, there's NO WAY I would have been able to manage it. Maybe next year!