Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly post

Because of summer and the awesome weather we've having, I have been blogging less frequently than in the past. I'm sure this will change once winter rolls upon us. For now, this is all I got.

Ever since after the Worcester Marathon, my legs just haven't been the same. They were achy for weeks and I just couldn't get into a groove when running. I was frustrated and was hating the runs. Granted, I probably should have rested them more than I did. But I'm hard headed and need to learn things the hard way. Lately though, my runs have been pretty good and I've started to get my groove back. I'm starting to fall in love with running again. I'm feeling like my old self again.

Yesterday, I decided that today, I was going to go for an 8 mile run. My longest run since marathon day. Last night I get a call from my brother in law, Jay, asking if I wanted to go mountain bike riding through some trails at Douglas State Forest with him and a couple other guys. I agreed to go, but only after my 8 miler. 
So at 6:50 this morning I was out the door for my run. The run went well. A lot better than what I thought actually. Nice and smooth with no issues at all. I was back home around 8 and Jay was there to pick me up around 8:30. There were 3 of us and we meeting two more guys at the trails.

Mountain bike..... let's think about these two words for a second. Pretty self explanatory. A bike made for mountains. Right? I don't know why I have never thought of it that way. I say this because when I got invited to go mountain bike riding in trails, this comes to mind:

A nice easy ride through the woods.

Oh, don't get me wrong I did get some nice easy trails. But what I didn't know is these guys were going to veer off to some side trails that looked more like this:

Of course these aren't actual pictures of the trails, but pretty damn close!!!

I struggled up hills and down hills I held on for dear life!

I even took a good one to the shin thanks to my bear claw pedals:

Almost 8 miles later, I couldn't thank the lucky stars enough that it was over and I still in one piece. I was tired and beat up. I'm sure running 8 miles before this did not help me one bit. I was ready for a nap.

It was like noon by the time I got home and after a shower and some rest I thought to myself, "That was fun!". It was honestly a great way to start the day. As hard as it was, I enjoyed it. I'll think I'll be meeting these guys again for another ride soon. But I think next time I just might do my runs on Saturday instead. :)

Speaking of Saturday..... next Saturday there is a 10 mile trail race in Oxford, Ma. that I'm debating of doing. If I do run it, I wont race it. I'll just do it as a way to keep upping my mileage.

That's it for now...... Hope everyone has a great week!!!


Char said...

Biking over rocks and boulders is just a little insane. The reason God gave us roads is so we don't have to cycle over bumps like that. Good to hear that you didn't kill yourself and you actually enjoyed it.

Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

I went mountain biking over twenty years ago in Italy. Let's just say I taught my Italian friends some English cuss words.