Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dam Trail Race - Damn Disapointment

Today I ran the Dam Trail Race in Oxford, Ma. 10 miles through the woods at Hodges Village Dam.

I'm just going to give a short version of today's events... Races started at 9am. It was already in the 80's hot & humid. This is the first trail race I have ever run so I wasn't sure what to expect.
I started out way too fast from the get go. I was pacing a lady I have raced at other races and I knew she was way too fast for me, but I did it anyways. By mile 3 I was hurting and I knew this was going to make for a long race. I slowed way down to catch my breath. With it being so hot, it just felt like I couldn't take a deep breath that I was looking for.
By mile 5 I took a 30sec break and started walking. This is the first time I have ever walked in a race (not including the marathon). I gave in to that little voice for the first time. Mile 7, I did it again. Mile 9, again. Although it wasn't only me. I was playing leap frog with another runner for the last 5 miles. I'd walk, he would pass me. A mile later, he was walking and I would pass him. It wasn't until the last half mile when I past him and never looked back.

I finished the race 27th place (out of 80 or so) in 1hr and 37mins. With an average of 9:22 min\miles

It's not bad, but clearly not my best. I struggled those last few miles. I can sit here and blame the heat or blame it on never running a trail race before. But I won't. The fact is that I wasn't truly prepared for the race. 

Lesson learned. That's all.

The only good thing that came out of this race is that I met a lot of cool people after the race. We traded race stories and discussed what races we are doing next. I met a guy that is training for a 50 miler. He was telling me how he ran 8 miles just to get to this race. Blew my mind.... 

A tough race today, but a very good experience. I guess I'll take that over not running.

Have a great weekend!!


Bill Fine said...

tough day to run.....tough course....and you are one tough hombre! Jose, you are a BEAST!!!!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Trail races are TOUGH, even when you are prepared for them! You finished. It is all good!

Char said...

A lot of trail runners include walk breaks as part of their race plans so you don't have to feel too bad. And everyone has a really sucky race eventually.