Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running While Traveling & Side Notes

I travel a bit for work and his throws off my running schedule. I like to run 3 day during the week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday & Friday's are my make up days in case I miss one or it happens to rain on my run day. I'm off the next few days to NYC and to NJ. Tomorrow is a travel day and I'm working late into the night, so no running tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a run in Tuesday morning if I don't work too late the night before. Wednesday looks like a better morning to run. I dont have to in the office until 9am so that gives me plenty of time to get one in. Either way, I will at least get one good run in out of these three days.

I try to pack light and fit everything into my laptop bag, but an extra pair of sneakers just don't fit nicely in there. So I usually have to carry an extra bag just for my sneakers. I usually travel alone, but sometime I am with another coworker and they usually shake their heads when they find out that I packed my running stuff. Most of them know me by now, so it's not a shock. It's more like a "whatever"... LOL

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Side notes:

 I just signed up for a few races coming up in September. All local races. A 5 miler and 2 - 5ks. I'm also looking at a half marathon and duathlon too. I'll keep you posted on those two.

Though, I have not signed up for it yet, I have pretty much decided that an October marathon is going to happen. There are two that I'm looking at. Both of them have a price increase at the end of the month, so time is ticking. I'll decide on which one in the next day or two.

If you haven't seen the article that my work wrote up about me, check it out here. It's pretty cool.

I have to go pack for my trip and get to bed. I have to be up at 4am!!!

 Have a great week everyone!!!

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Michelle said...

That's pretty cool you were featured in your company's newsletter!

Can't wait to hear which marathon you pick!