Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Races, Races, and Marathon(s)....

@ the Providence Marathon

I know I am a slacker when it comes to signing up for races. I'm no Jeff when it comes to scheduling races. I usually sign up last minute or day of. Though I have been taking it kinda easy since after Boston. But my goal is to change this. This post is to tell you the races that I'm already signed up for. It's not much. It's a work in progress.... trust me, I'm sure there will be a lot of last minute races in between.

What I'm signed up for (so far):

July 4th - 64th Leonide J. Lemire Road Race - 4.8 miles
July 13th - Oxford Fun Run - 5K (wife signed us up)
August 10th - NE Spartan Sprint - 5k w/obsticles (thank you Michael)
August 21st - Running With the Wolves - 10k (I heard Bill is doing this one too.... Woot!!)
Sept. 7th - Canal Diggers - 5K (signed up a coworker to run with me... he doesn't know it yet)

And here are the big ones:

Sept. 29th - Clarence Demar Marathon - Keene, NH. - 26.2
Oct. 20th - BayState Marathon - Lowel, Ma. - 26.2

Yep... not one, but two fall marathons.

After doing Providence Marathon just a couple weeks after Boston, I really dont see a big problem doing these two. Call me crazy, whatever..... I'll take it as a compliment. But I know others that are doing it, so I'm not alone. As long as can stay healthy, I should be OK. If I end up doing just one of them, I'll be OK with that too.

My plan is to finish off the second half of this year with a bang! Once that is done, I will set my goals on finishing Boston 2014. It seems so far away, but it will be here before you know it.

What do you think of my race schedule so far?


Michael said...

Sounds like a great schedule to me. I always sign up early to save money and for fear of a race selling out. That has bitten me this year and I might be a little lesa likely to sign up early in the future.

Char said...

You're going to have a busy second half of the year.

Black Knight said...

A great schedule, good luck on your races.
In my opinion 2 marathons in one month are too much and after the second you need more time to recover.
However you will do well.

Michelle said...

Looks like a busy schedule. Love that you signed your co-worker up and haven't told him yet ;)