Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Man, it has been a busy weekend for me!! Feels like I have been non-stop since Friday and it's finally starting to die down now. Just in time for Monday's madness!!

I'm in the middle of building a deck on my house:

I've had some help with it, especially with the initial set up and framing. But for now, it's mostly me working on it and this hot weather is not helping!!! So that has been my main goal all weekend long. I'll have to post before and after pics when completed.

On Friday morning I ran my long run - 17 Miles before work (was suppose to do 16, but miscalculated). I don't think I'll ever do that again. Friday sucked!

On Saturday I ran a local 5k with the wife. We'll I did not run it "with" her. I took off as soon as the gun went off, and she ran it with her gym buddies. Here is my time:

Wait a minute!!! 2.61??

When I came across the finish line, I looked at the time and was confused. I looked down at my Garmin and sure enough, it was short. The race was labeled a "Fun Run", so I figured, Ok maybe it wasn't a real 5k? I mean I just followed the people in front of me. Just so happens at one spot on the course, there was suppose to be someone directing us down a certain street. That person showed up late!! So the first 30 or so runners all ran short and in turn got disqualified from the race! 

I honestly felt like I was going to have a 5k PR. I felt good all the way through. I was even in front the first place woman, who I know very well from other local races and have NEVER been able to beat her. She is smoking fast!!! She caught up to me at one point and I told her that I was wondering when she was going to pass me. But I held strong and even gained a good lead on her!! Who knows what would have happened that last .5 of the race if we've run the correct course.

After my run, I ran back and met up with my wife, who actually ran the full 5k, and at this point had left her gym buddies behind! Way to go!!!!
Smiling cause the finish line is right there!!!! Finish at 31:25! Woot!!

Our running club was doing the timing for this race and at one point I had to jump in and help out.

Sunday, was officially my first time acting as Race Coordinator for the Running club at a local 5k. The race was called "Run Like the Dickens 5K" and it was held at the very scenic Old Sturbridge Village. This was their first race ever, so as race coordinator you are basically helping them make this a successful event. This includes registration, timing and anything else they needed a hand with. I have helped out at many races before so I have a pretty good understanding of the behinds the scenes stuff that needs to go on. But more importantly, I had THE best crew of volunteers from our running club that came out to help. Even the VP of the club was there! Man did I get lucky!! I couldn't have hand pick a better group of volunteers. 

At the end of the day, the runners were happy and the organizers of the race learned a lot from their first race and were extremely pleased with the work that our club did. 

As my first time, I also learned a lot. It's an overwhelming responsibility. It can be nerve racking and stressful! But it was fun too. I met a lot of new people, saw a lot of familiar faces and I got to work with a great bunch of folks. 

I see me doing a lot more of this is in my future....


Then it was back to the deck as soon as I got home....

I'm done for now!

Have a great week everyone!!


Michelle @ said...

MAN you are freakin fast! Way to go!

Michael said...

OK, there is just no excuse for that! That really sucks. At first I saw your time and thought holy smokes that is an amazing fast 5K! But even short you still had a solid, solid run! Not fair when you don't get to see just how good it could have been. Races that are long or short bug me beyond measure!