Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here I Go Again....

♪  An' here I go again on my own.
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a drifter I was born to RUN alone.
An' I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time.....♫
Here I Go Again....

No.... I'm starting a singing career.... I'll stick to running , thank you  :)

Marathon training has begun.... well, it actually began a while ago. I've been in training mode all along. But since I just singed up for my marathon(s) last week, officially it began then. I am following, or going to try to follow, Hal Higdon's Marathon Training - Intermediate 2. I say try because this is a lot more training runs than I did in my last marathons. I followed his Novice 2 plan last times. But scheduling these runs are going to be a bit trickier. Between crazy work hours and the home projects that I've planned out the next couple of weeks, it's going to be a bit hectic.

But I want to push myself a little bit more this time. My last 4 marathons finish times were:

Worcester - 3:56

Cape Cod - 3:54

Boston - 4:12 (projected Finish)

Providence - 3:56

I'm not getting any worse, but I'm not getting any faster either. I'm hoping with this training I finish noticeably faster. What time am I hoping for? Not sure. I just want to finish strong and say that I worked hard at it and that this training helped me get there.

There is a lot of us in the blog world currently training for fall marathons which will be some helpful reading materials. It's always good to read how others are progressing. Even locally, especially in the running club, there are many also running fall marathons. Some even doing the ones that I'm doing. It's gonna be awesome feeding off their energy!

But like my last 4 marathon, I will be doing most of the training runs by myself. I might get some runs in with the club. They do offer group long runs on Sundays, but it's in Worcester, about a 25 min drive for me. But by the time I get ready and go out there, I could be done with a good part of my run if I were just to do it at home.

So... Here is to marathon training....

I'm not wasting no more time...... Here I Go Again... ♪..


Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

I think it's time for you to step up and rattle off a 3:45 or better. You're obviously fast enough and certainly determined enough. I'll be following your progress. I'm thinkin gabout signing up for a January marathon with lots of hills.

Bill Fine said...

I look forward to following along with your training....I believe that you'll be able to PR in your next low can you go?

Char said...

You've been remarkably consistent. But I'm sure you can go a bit faster if it all goes right in training and on the day.

Michael said...

I hear you on the solo runs...but be thankful you are a faster runner. I will have some 5 hours training runs fun! I at least have a friend who's going to run with me on occasion. She has a fall marathon too but later than mine, so she won't be quite on my schedule.

Good luck with your goal! I hope you smash your previous times. I am planning too!!

Michelle said...

Good luck with your training - definitely think there's a PR in your future :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck this time around. YOu are truly a veteran so set your goals high! FYI - The Lounge is CLOSED but the Mixture is OPEN!