Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Cold Winter...

Long Cold Winter... A song to set my mood.

Winter time kills me. I know that I posted previously that I was ready for winter.... but as I stated, I'm ready for the cold. What I'm not ready for is the early darkness. It drives me crazy! I know it's not officially winter according to the calendar. But the weather reports saying we are getting 1" of snow tomorrow night!

Sound the sirens, grab your shovels, dust off them snow blowers!!!!! 

Ok..... I'm being over dramatic..... like I was saying, it's the getting dark early that gets me. It puts me in that night time mode early and I start to get lazy over the winter. I go into a hibernation mode. I still get my runs in during the day or early mornings, don't get me wrong, but that's it for me. No more afternoon walks or bike rides like I do in the summer.

I need to join a gym, pick up a hobby or something.... the title says it all for me. It's going to be a long cold (dark) winter.

What do you guys do besides running over the winter months??


Anonymous said...

You can always save your core workouts for the evenings.

bobbi said...

Honestly, I LOVE running in the winter. And walking too. But, like you, I DO hate the darkness - it's stifling...

(and I love that song...)

The Unexpected Runner said...

Snowing here now. I hate it. But I hat the treadmill I guess I better start stocking up on warm running clothes :s