Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings....

Busy work week this week. Sales meetings are being held in our offices and the building is packed with sales people from all across the country. These are people that I only see once, maybe twice a year, so when they are here it's time for their computer check up. So needless to say, I have been up to my ears with computer issues....

Let me see, today is Wednesday. No running today. I'ts raining like crazy out there. I ran a good 6.5 miles on Monday during lunch.Uneventful, but it was a really good run. Good fast pace all the way through. Tuesday was a day off. I had already run 3 days in a row and I never do 4, unless they were all 3 miles or less each day.   Tomorrow is suppose to be nice out. I get in a run during lunch.

Saturday I'm doing a local 5K. This is literally like 5 mins from my house, so why not? :) I signed for it a while ago, when it was only $15.

Anyone ever hear of It's a forum for runners and it seams pretty interesting.  I found it on a link on Facebook. I'm going to use it to find other runners locally. I need to start branching out a bit more. I need more running friends :( .... Seriously, I do. I want to find someone I can get together at least once a week and maybe do some long runs with. That would be cool.

Congrats to everyone that ran marathons and half marathons this past weekend. Loved the race recaps!! You guys are awesome!!

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Michael said...

I've never heard of that site, but I will definitely check it out. Thanks for stopping by my blog!