Saturday, October 1, 2011

I needed this!

This past week's runs have been horrible. Between the humidity weighing me down and my feet not cooperating with me, I have been in a real bum mood. I was having one of those "why do I even try" days yesterday. I actually started a post about it last night, but got tired so I saved it thinking I would finish it today and then post it. Today it rained all morning long. "Good!" I thought to myself, I didn't want to run anyways. I just stayed in and worked on some computer stuff. I do computer repair from home for extra cash and I have plenty of work!

At about 1 O'clock the rain died down and was just drizzling. Then I started thinking to myself  "Maybe I should go for a run?"... I debated with this thought for a while as I continued working. About 30mins later I put on my running gear and told myself "Let's go...". I figured I would run a bit and if my feet weren't on the same page with me I would just walk. To my surprise I ran strong and with no problems at all. Seven miles strong! I felt great after the run! I really needed this confidence booster.  The rain help up for the most part, but even if it down poured I wouldn't have cared.

I'm back to working on my computers now and deleted yesterday's saved post. I'm glad I decided to run today. I needed this.
There is a 10k happening tomorrow, two towns over. Now that I am in better spirits, I think I'll do it up!


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Glad you got the run in - it always makes me feel better when I can run, even when i wasn't planning on it. Hope you did well at the 10K!

The Unexpected Runner said...

It feels so good to rebound, doesn't it! Hope the 10k went well :)