Friday, October 28, 2011

My Friday post :)

So we got close to 2" of snow last night....... most of it was gone by noon time today. It was cold today in the 40's but sunny which helped melt the snow. Tomorrow night we are expecting a nor'easter to hit the NE area dropping at least another 6" of the white stuff. yay... I'm so not ready for this :(

Today I got a good 7 miles in at lunch time. I wanted to do some more trail runs Ernie, but when I emailed him, his Out of Office response reminded me that he left for Florida for the weekend. So I ended up doing my middle two miles of my seven through some trails that Ernie had showed me. That was good enough with me. I dont like doing trails runs by myself. I worry about getting hurt out there. You just never know. Slipping and falling or twisting an ankle would suck out there by yourself.

I plan on getting a good long run out tomorrow morning before any snow hits the ground. If I get 10 miles in, I will be happy.

Runs this week:
6 miles on Monday Morning... It was cold out!!!
7 Miles of Trail runs with Ernie on Tuesday during lunch
4 easy miles on Wednesday... I was hurting for some reason that day... I cut it short.

Song of the run today:  Snoop Dog- Vato (NSFW)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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