Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breakfast & Good runs

Breakfast for me usually consist of yogurt and fruits. Sometimes I'll mix it up and add some Rice Chex, Corn Flakes or some Cherrios.... yummy! I can't do the greasy breakfast thing. It doesn't agree with me.

This right here hits the spot! Here was today's breakfast:

Kiwi, Bananas & Stawberries

... added Vanilla Yogurt & Rice Chex FTW!

It's light and does the job! At times, I'll have extra fruit and yogurt and I'll make a couple cup fulls and pass them out to a few coworkers. Never had someone turn it down! :)

I put in a 4 mile run in on Monday at lunch time. It was uneventful and my knee felt good through the run. I ran again today. I unintentionally ran 6 1/2 miles. I didn't want to push my knee, but  at mile 3, where I was planning to turn off to make it another 4 mile run, the was a big truck trying to back up in to a driveway and blocking the whole road. So I said screw it was went straight thinking I would turn at the next street. But I was feeling good and decided to go for the big loop. I did stop once at about mile 5 and walked for about 30sec or so. All in all it was a really good run. I iced my knee after just as a precaution, but it was feeling pretty good.

No runs planned the next 2 days. I'm traveling to our Danbury, CT office tomorrow. That will be an all day event. On Thursday my 17yr daughter is having her tonsils removed, so the wife and I will be taking care of her for the day.

Friday I'm working from home, so I'll get in a run. Hopefully it will be a quiet day so I can make it a semi run long. :)

What do you think of my breakfast?


bobbi said...

your breakfast looks yummy! I've done granola with yogurt, but never with chex...I'll have to try that...

Glad your knee is feeling good!

Anonymous said...

I'm an eggs guy - specifically an omelet bursting with fresh veggies. If not an omelet, then oatmeal and fruit.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I'm really focusing on getting more fruit. I eat quite a bit now, but I want to try to get about 5 servings a day. You're right, it's a great breakfast. I try to get quite a few egg whites in the morning too. Good news about the knee.