Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend recap

First of all.... I am beat! It has been a fun filled weekend and I haven't really rested until tonight.

Saturday was the family baseball game and my 12 mile run. Sunday I did 6 miles, but I swear it was harder to do than the 12 I did the day before. I felt sluggish and the humidity was back in the air.
I went to a labor day party at my sister-in-laws house Sunday night. Ate tons of food and drank way too many beers. At some point during the night I got a Facebook message (on my phone) about the Charlton Old Home Day 5 mile Road Race that was happening today. Now, I wasn't planning on running today, especially after a night of drinking. But I woke up at 7am and the race was the first thing on my mind. I quickly convinced myself that I felt OK and still had time to get there. Soooo, I downed a cup of coffee and took off! On the ride there I almost turned around twice. My stomach was doing some weird stuff I tell ya!! Thank goodness they had porta potties set up at this place.... thats all I'm gonna say!

Race start was 9am, the sun was shining in the upper 70's and a little bit on the humid side. Over 300 participants and a lot of the usual faces were present. I have drove these street many times before, but I never realized how hilly they were. This was by far THE hilliest race I have ever done!! 90% of the race was up hill! ... OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it really felt like it was. Not being at 100% myself made this race really hard. I came in 57th at 38:10, which is still good, but I felt like could have done better. Felt like I had lead in my sneakers .... Oh well. I knew I wasn't going to set any PRs today :)

Even though I struggled in this race, I'm glad I did it. As my friend Ernie says "You never regret the ones you did, but you always regret the ones you didn't do".

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Kara said...

I've never done a race in the spur of the moment like that! Great job!