Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday ramblings....

With my knee still achy, I decided this morning that I would go for a nice bike ride instead of running. I had to go to the super market and pick up a few things anyways, so I figured why not make a workout out of it. I took my backpack so I could carry the groceries back home. I rode for a couple miles nothing crazy. It was actually pretty fricken chilly out! My nose was all runny by the time I got to the store! Man, I'm soo not ready for this cold!!

Today we celebrated my son's 18th birthday! We had  family and friends over, tons of food and a great time. I still can't believe that 18 years have past by us like nothing. Time goes by way to fast! It was just yesterday I was teaching him how to ride his bike... now in a couple of weeks he goes for his driver's licence.

I always pictured me at this point in my life feeling and looking old. But the truth is I have never felt so young in my life! I still get the look of shock from people when I tell them how old my son is. I like it when they tell me that I look too young to have a son that old. :)

Tomorrow I plan to run during lunch time at work. Depending how my knee feels, it will determine how long of a run it will be. Long run or short run, I will run tomorrow. I'm expecting a busy day tomorrow, so I will need to get out for a while a clear my head..

Hope everyone had a good weekend.... Bring on the work week!!!


Anonymous said...

"Bring on the work week" - You need to go get your run on and reset that attitude young man...

Jose said...

LOL.... When there is no other choice but to take it head on, I need to have that attitude. Will be different the day I win the lottery :)