Saturday, August 6, 2011

Packet Pick up day

Luckily for me, Providence is only 30mins away. Today I went to the Fitness Expo at the Rhode Island Convention Center to pick up my packet and grab myself some freebie samples of stuff. The Fitness Expo was very organized and well set up. There were tons of vendors on hand selling and passing out lots of goodies. My wife and daughter came with me so it was triple free goodies for us, yay!

We hung around Providence for a while and went to an Art Festival that was being held at Kennedy Plaza that was almost directly across from the convention center. I'm not big into the arts stuff but it was cool to see. There was everything from paintings, to sculptors to jewelry. The biggest attraction for me??..... the ice cream truck giving away free ice cream!!! Woot, woot!! :)

Feels like a long day. I was up at 6am out the door by 6:30. Did a good 6 miles.... I'm hoping to be in bed early and out the door by 5am tomorrow or earlier. Not sure what the traffic in Providence will be like in the morning. Plus I want a prime parking spot at the mall parking lot.

My second half marathon....... who would have ever thought??!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck - you are going to do great!