Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I don't like afternoon runs...

So yesterday I packed my backpack with my shorts, t-shirt, socks and underwear, like I usually do when I plan on running during my lunch time at work. I get to work and I realized that I forgot my sneakers!! D'OH!!! That sucked! I usually have a pair in my car, but I used them when my other pair got wet in the race last week and I forgot to throw them back in my car. Grrr!

Working 40mins away from home there was no way I could go back for them. I even thought of calling my youngest brother, who is 19 and unemployed, to get them and bring them to me. I would have paid him. But my family already thinks that I'm some kind of running lunatic and this would have just added fuel to the fire. Plus.... it was 10am when this thought crossed my mind and knowing him, he would have still been sleeping. By the time he rolled out of bed and got motivated to get moving, my lunch time would have been over. So I put it in my mind that I was going run after work.

I got home roughly 5:30, threw on my running gear and out the door I went...... running at this time through town, just plain sucks. Traffic is horrible. There are plenty of sidewalks but I do have to cross some major intersections which at times is like taking my life into my own hands. I spend way to much time concentrating on avoiding cars than on my run.
Then I run into people I know. And never fails that at least one person wants you to stop and talk to them. 99.9% of the time, I don't stop. I always point to my wrist, like I'm wearing a watch and I am in a hurry....
Then there's the fact that it's 7 by the time I got back. I take a shower and I still have to eat dinner. By this time it's 7:30. It just feels like my afternoon goes by too quick.

The only thing I enjoyed about yesterday's afternoon run was that I ran with my iPhone listening to Pandora and my wife called me about 15mins into my run. So we talked for a good 30mins while she drove home from work. The iPhone was strapped to my arm, so I looked like a crazy person talking to myself while running...LOL... She is still amazed that I can have a conversation while running.

Today, I did not forget my sneakers. My boss is on vacation so I plan a good long run during my lunch. He honestly doesn't care if I'm back late from lunch, but I always try to make it back in time. It's really quiet at work today so I'm sure no one will miss me.. :)

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ATTrio said...

I hate afternoon runs as well. Blah. Running and talking on the phone is quite an achievement =)