Sunday, August 21, 2011

Long run.... long day

I was out the door this morning at 7am for my long run. I pulled out a 13+ run and it was great! I struggled for a bit and it was not as fast as I would have liked it, but I finished strong so I'll take it. It was in the upper 60's and humid. It was one of those mornings that I knew a shirt was out of the question.

School starts this week for the kids. So we had to go out and get last minute school supplies. We went food shopping for snacks. Then we took the girls clothes shopping. Now when I say girls and clothes shopping in the same sentence, I mean more like I drove them to the stores and sat in the car while they shopped for hours. Fun. I didn't mind too much. I was beat from the long run so sitting in the car listening to the radio and playing with my iPhone was OK with me.

But it feels like it has been a really long day.... I'm pooped.

Springfield half is next Sunday...

......... and I'm ready. I plan a couple runs this week, but nothing too crazy. Maybe Tuesday, Wednesday, then a short one on Saturday. That should keep me loose for the half on Sunday.

I'm ready for bed.... G'night all.


Anonymous said...

Girls and clothes = no thanks.

Q said...

Good luck at your race next weekend!